Science Degree Program in China - Marine Chemistry

1. Introduction

Marine Chemistry is the science that studies the chemical composition, distribution, chemical properties and chemical processes of marine parts, as well as the chemical problems of the development and utilization of marine chemical resources. Marine chemistry is a branch of ocean science, and has a close relationship with marine biology, marine geology, and marine physics and so on.

2. Research Content

1) Seawater chemistry

2) Marine sediment chemistry

3) Vivo marine biochemistry

4) Physical chemistry of the ocean interface and chemistry interacts with the interface

Relative to other branches of marine science, the content and scope that chemical oceanography describes are wider. Specifically, chemical oceanography mainly researches and determines seawater isotopic and elemental and molecular level, or to say, it is the composition of the organic and inorganic matters in the marine research, including the basic characteristics, source, structure mode of these substances and special roles in the field of marine geology, biology, physics, meteorology and so on.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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