Science Degree Program in China - Marine Geology

1. Introduction

Marine Geology, the branch of geology, is the discipline that studies the material composition, geological structure and evolution law of the earth's crust which is flooded by the sea. The research content involves the coast and seabed terrain, ocean sediments, ocean floor rocks, structure at the bottom of the sea and ocean geological history and seabed mineral resources. It is a part of geology, and is closely related to oceanography, interdisciplinary science of geology and oceanography.

2. Research Significance

The ocean covers an area of about 71% of the earth's surface. It is an important part of the global geological structure, and it is also a natural laboratory for modern sedimentation. The seabed is rich in mineral resources, is an important resource base for the future of mankind. Marine environmental geology and geological hazards are directly related to the production and life of human beings. Marine geological survey is the basis for the construction of the harbor, the seabed engineering and the development of the seabed resources. Therefore, marine geology has important theoretical and practical significance.

3. Basic Content

Research content of marine geology is very extensive, relating to the field of many subjects, with huge integrity, and has very close connection with the research of technology and methods, especially sounding technique, geophysics, ocean drilling, seabed observation and sampling technology research.

1) Submarine geomorphology research

2) Submarine sediment research

3) Study of oceanic tectonics

4) Submarine mineral resources research


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