Science Degree Program in China - Marine Resources and Environment

1. Introduction

Marine Resources and Environment program mainly cultivates compound professionals with the ability of management of marine living resources, management, policy formulation, waters environmental monitoring, and to solve practical problems in marine resources sustainable utilization and protection of marine ecological environment.

2. Main Content

Marine rights and interests, the status quo of the development of marine resources, tidal, wind resources, wave force resources, salinity gradients, mineral resources, biological resources, red tide, natural gas hydrate, etc.

3. Training Requirements

The program requires students to master the modern management of living marine resources and deep ecology theory knowledge, have solid knowledge of natural science and the humanities and social science knowledge, can skillfully apply modern information technology.

4. Core Competencies

1) Master modern marine biological resource management technology and deep ecology theory knowledge;

2) have solid knowledge of natural science;

3) have good knowledge of humanities and social sciences;

4) Ability to skillfully apply modern information technology;

5) Methods and skills of searching information and documentation.

5. Teaching Links

Basic experiment, comprehensive experiment, practical investigation, etc

6. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry and experiment, probability theory and statistics, organic chemistry and experiment, analysis chemistry and experiment, general biology, marine ecology, biochemistry and experiments, introduction to environmental science, an introduction to marine science, marine biology, microbiology, marine environmental monitoring and evaluation, an introduction to marine technology, environmental toxicology, an introduction to marine management, marine ecology, environmental molecular biology diagnosis technology, marine biology, marine biological resources assessment and management, etc.

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be employed in the development of marine resources, marine aquaculture, marine bio medicine, marine transport, marine oil and gas development and food industry and other departments.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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