Science Degree Program in China - Marine Technology

1. Introduction

Marine Technology program trains senior specialized personnel with the basic knowledge of marine science and capabilities of marine high-tech development and research; can be engaged in marine science and technology, marine resources development and marine engineering work.

The development and utilization of ocean energy, resources, ocean and global change, marine environment and ecology research is the most feasible way for humans to maintain their own survival and development, expand the living space, make full use of the earth, which is the last rich treasure. Ocean development needs to obtain a large range, accurate marine environment data, needs seabed exploration, sampling, underwater construction, etc. To complete the task requires a series of ocean development technology support, including deep-sea exploration, scuba diving, ocean remote sensing, and marine navigation and so on.

2. Key Technologies

1) Desalination of sea water

2) Deep sea exploration

3) Ocean remote sensing

Marine remote sensing technology mainly includes the two major remote sensing technologies: light, electricity and other information carriers and acoustic wave as the information carrier.

Ocean acoustic remote sensing technology is a very effective method to detect the ocean. Using acoustic remote sensing technology, can detect submarine topography, observations of ocean dynamic phenomena and of subbottom profiling and submersible provide navigation, obstacle avoidance, and bottom contour tracking information.

Ocean remote sensing technology is an important means of marine environmental monitoring. Satellite remote sensing technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, which offers the possibility of observing a large range of ocean phenomena from space.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of ocean high-tech and engineering; receive basic training in new marine technology, with the ability of being engaged in the investigation of marine and marine scientific research.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics and physics;

2) Master the basic theory and knowledge of marine high technology, master the evaluation method of marine engineering, and have the basic ability to engage in the development of ocean;

3) understand the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;

4) familiar with marine science and technology, environmental protection, resource utilization and other aspects of principles, policies and regulations, as well as the marine science and technology and sustainable development strategy of the national economy;

5) understand the development trend of marine technology, and can follow the development trend of international ocean technology;

6) Master the basic method of data query, literature retrieval and use of modern information technology to obtain information related; have certain ability of experimental design, creating conditions for the experiment, induction, collation, analysis of the experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

5. Main Courses

Higher mathematics, VB program design, introduction to marine science, physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, ecology and oceanography, marine surveying and satellite oceanography, microwave remote sensing, marine remote sensing application technology, marine geology, geographic information systems: principles and applications, satellite positioning and navigation, Fundamentals of acoustics and sonar technology, marine management information system and digital ocean engineering, etc.

6. Practice Teaching

Maritime practice, graduation thesis, the general arrangement is 10 - 12 weeks.

7. Similar Programs

Marine science, marine management, military oceanography

8. Employment Directions

Graduates can be engaged in the investigation and exploitation of the marine resources, marine environment monitoring, management of marine resources, ocean exploration, marine information processing technology or in the aquatic products, feed, fish medicine, biological technology related industries engaged in the production, management, technology development and promotion.


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