Management Degree Program in China - Maritime Management

 1. Introduction

Marine Management studies the maritime regulatory characteristics of the area under jurisdiction, the implementation of the maritime code, for the maritime law enforcement. Including the professional management functions of maritime supervision business and port related management functions, like professional research, guidance, supervision and management are conducted to the maritime business, specific commitment to ship supervision, dangerous goods and anti pollution management, crew management, navigation management, shipping company safety management system audit management of the.

2. Prospects

Principle and application of microcomputer, navigation, ship structure and equipment, ship maneuvering, navigation instrument, shipping, maritime law, collision avoidance technology and the law, marine traffic engineering, supervision and administration of the safety of the ship, vessel traffic management system, ship anti pollution management, maritime dangerous goods safe transportation.

3. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate management personnel with advanced sailing technology with the knowledge and skills in marine and inland ship driving, ship transportation management, can engage in the sea and inland waterway transport enterprises and institutions for ship driving, operating management, port pilotage, maritime administration and colleges and universities, scientific research institutions for teaching and scientific research work, in line with the international seamen's training, certification and STCW78/95) and seaman competency standards and obtain a certificate of competency of senior officers.

4. Main Courses

Nautical mechanics, ship principle, electrical and electronic technology, navigation, modern navigation information system, ship control and maritime search and rescue, ship duty and collision avoidance, navigation instruments, navigation meteorology and oceanography, carriage of goods by sea, ocean shipping business and maritime law, ship structure and equipment, GMDSS equipment and business. Secretarial science and practice of secretary, human resources management of maritime and shipping enterprise management, water traffic safety management, transportation equipment, ship and cargo agency practice, international shipping management, maritime conventions and regulations, international cargo transportation and insurance, container transportation and management, international economic law, maritime law, maritime e-government operation and maritime document writing, ship and cargo agency document training, graduation comprehensive practice.

5. Core Abilities

Ability in shipping enterprise management and maritime affair processing

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly engage in maritime management agencies, foreign trade enterprises, shipping business units, freight forwarding and shipping agents, ship transportation, maritime institutions, scientific research and teaching institutions and so on.


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