Management Degree Program in China - Marketing and Planning

 1. Introduction

Marketing and Planning mainly cultivates high-quality personnel with good professional spirit and sense of innovation, with a series of management knowledge like modern sales management and product marketing, planning, operation skills, practical ability in using electronic commerce and network technique to conduct market survey, forecast analysis, market development, business negotiations, product promotion, marketing planning.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains advanced technology application-oriented specialized talents adapt to the management, the need of first-line service and the comprehensive development in morality, intellectuality, physical, and aesthetics. The students should have the knowledge and ability of management, economy, law, marketing and so on, can be engaged in marketing and management in enterprises, public institutions and government departments.

3. Main Courses

Computer application, principles of accounting, business negotiations and practice, business statistics, consumer psychology, business negotiation, marketing, public relations, market investigation and prediction, sales management and entity, business planning course, enterprises operation and management.

4. Employment Prospects

1) professional sales positions of various types of enterprises

2) market research work of all kinds of enterprise

3) planning positions of industrial and commercial activity

4) sales positions of large and medium-sized comprehensive shopping malls and professional store

5) other marketing related positions, such as products and services advisory posts, after-sales service positions

6) the planning, advertising, management of all kinds of enterprises

7) engaged in procurement, sales promotion, service, brand management, market research, public relations, etc at various enterprises


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