Marketing Management Program in China taught in English

 1. Introduction

Marketing Management, also known as sales management, is an important part of enterprise management; the main business education such as MBA takes marketing management as an important part of the education on managers.

2. Management Content

The task of marketing management is to regulate the level, opportunity and nature of demand to promote the realization of the goal of the enterprise; the nature is demand management. According to the different level, time and nature of demand, tasks of marketing management are also different.

3. Specific Content

(1) negative demand (change)

(2) no demand (stimulate)

(3) latent demand (develop)

(4) decreased demand (revive)

(5) irregular demand (coordinate)

(6) full demand (maintain)

(7) Excess demand (decrease)

(8) harmful demand (eliminate)

4. Process

Marketing management process, which is the management process that the enterprise finds, analyzes, selects and uses market opportunities to achieve business tasks and objectives. More specifically, the marketing management process includes the following steps:

(1) discover and evaluate market opportunities;

(2) market segments and select target markets;

(3) develop marketing mix and determine the marketing budget;

(4) implement and control the marketing plan.

5. Training Objectives

Marketing management is to cultivate specialized personnel with the knowledge and ability in management, economics, law, marketing, etc.

6. Main Courses

Management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, management information systems, statistics, accounting, financial management, marketing, economic law, consumer behavior, international marketing, market research, etc

7. Development Prospects

Marketing is a type of practical program among economic management specialties, today the market economy gradually becomes perfect, for the independent economic entity enterprise, company, if there is no professional marketing talents with scientific and modern marketing means to "do business", survival in the fierce market competition is impossible. Marketing personnel are indispensable talents for various enterprises, especially large enterprises, but because of the training number has been not to keep up, so graduates are in short supply.

8. Employment Prospects

Marketing graduates can be engaged in market research, marketing planning, advertising planning, marketing development, marketing management, marketing services and teaching and research, and other work. Marketing personnel are the indispensable talents for various enterprises, especially large enterprises.


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