Science Degree Program in China - Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

1. Introduction

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics program trains senior specialized personnel who master the fundamental theory and basic methods of mathematical science, with the ability of using mathematical knowledge, using computers to solve practical problems, receive the preliminary training in scientific research, can be engaged in science and technology, education and economic departments for research, teaching or in the production and business operation and management departments for the actual development and application, research and management work.

Mathematics and applied mathematics is a basic major. Whether it is scientific research data analysis, software development, or engaged in financial insurance, international economic and trade, chemical, pharmaceutical, communication engineering, architectural design, etc., are all related to mathematics knowledge. Mathematics and applied mathematics is the basis for other related majors.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theories and basic methods of mathematics and applied mathematics, receive basic training in mathematical model, computer and mathematical software, receive good education in the mathematical theory and application, have good scientific literacy and a strong sense of innovation, with initial ability of scientific research, teaching and solving the actual problems and the development of software and other basic skills and strong update knowledge ability.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) With solid mathematical foundation, receive rigorous scientific thinking training, with the initial grasp of mathematical science thinking methods;

2) With the initial ability of applying mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems, in particular, the establishment of a mathematical model, understand certain application program;

3) Proficiency in the use of computers (including common languages, tools, and some mathematical software), with the ability to write a simple application program;

4) understand the science and technology related policies and regulations;

5) understand the new development and application prospects of mathematical science;

6) There is strong ability to express language, to grasp the basic methods of information retrieval, literature retrieval and the use of modern information technology to obtain relevant information, with a certain scientific research and teaching ability.

4. Main Subjects


5. Main Courses

Mathematical analysis, higher algebra and analytic geometry, probability theory foundation and mathematical statistics, physics, mathematics model, mathematics experiment, mathematics software, computer based, numerical method, functional analysis, differential geometry, algebra, partial differential equations, equations of mathematical physics, ordinary differential equation, complex variable function, real variable function, abstract algebra, mathematical modeling, mathematics history and basic courses chosen according to the direction of the application.

6. Major Practical Teaching

Computer practice, production practice, scientific research training or graduation thesis, etc, the general arrangement is 10-20 weeks.

7. Similar Programs

Information and computing science, statistics

8. Subject Idea

Combine mathematics with production, learning and work practice, using mathematical knowledge to discover problems and solve problems from the real life, combine mathematics with practice, which can better reflect the highest idea that mathematics originates from the life and is used in life.

9. Classification

1) Normal class

2) Non normal class

10. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in the unit of scientific research, education, government management departments, computer application enterprises and other business units for the mathematical model establishment and analysis, software design and development of the information engineering, quantitative economics, financial management, resource survey, as well as in the related field engaged in scientific research, teaching and management work.


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