Literature Degree Program in China - Media

1. Introduction

Media is the medium of communication, including radio, television, newspapers, Internet, movies, etc. Media program students need to learn the professional knowledge of language and literature, information transfer and social organizations, as well as the behavior science between human and human or between human and organization.

2. Program Directions

(1) International Trade (Media Economics)

Training Objectives

Cultivate comprehensive application-oriented specialized personnel with solid economic theory and the theoretical basis of the media, familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of the media; systematically master the media business and operational skills.

Training Requirements

The students study the basic theory and basic knowledge of economics, journalism and accept basic training in related business, with the basic ability of being engaged in all kinds of media business departments, other publicity department and business units.

2) Law

Training Objectives

Training application-oriented talents who systematically master legal knowledge, familiar with the law, can be engaged in the state organs, institutions and social groups, especially in the legislative organs, administrative organs, procuratorial organs, judicial organs, arbitration institutions and legal services for legal work.

Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of the law, receive the basic training in legal thinking and legal practice and have the basic ability of using legal theory and methods to analyze problems and using the law to manage affairs and solve problems.

3) Advertising

Training Objectives

Cultivate compound application-oriented talents with the professional theory and skills of advertising, have a broad cultural and scientific knowledge, can be engaged in advertising, media advertising department, market investigation and information consulting industry, and the business units for advertising planning creative and design, advertising management, marketing planning and market information consulting work.

Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and the basic knowledge of advertising, receive the basic theory and skill training in advertising planning and creative, computer graphic design and production, photography, video and so on, master the basic knowledge and skills of advertising and management.

4) News Editing and Production (network media)

Training Objectives

Training compound talents with the systematic network communication theory knowledge and skills and broad cultural and scientific knowledge, familiar with network communication basic morals and laws and regulations, can be engaged in government departments, news and publishing organizations, schools, units of large enterprises, network media for site planning, site construction and management and information gathering, editing and broadcasting.

Training Requirements

This major requires students to master the basic theory of network communication, basic knowledge and skills, to master the theory of Journalism and communication, the basic training of the news business, with a certain ability of network management and management. Graduates should meet the following requirements: master journalism basic theory and basic knowledge; master the basic theory of network communication, basic knowledge and technology; understand network communication ethics and regulations; understand the network media operation and management concepts and skills.

5) Applied Psychology (Human Resources Evaluation)

It is the application and development of the application of psychology in the field of human resources identification, selection, training, motivation and so on.

Cultivate compound talents not only with the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of psychology and the relevant basic disciplines; and proficient in talent development, assessment and management theory and practice; familiar with the human resources management of the relevant policies and regulations, with strong ability of interpersonal communication, organization, coordination and leadership, can be occupied in industrial and commercial enterprises, social investigation institutions, government administrative departments for human resources management, consulting, market research, planning, public relations work.


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