Business Degree Program in China - Media Economics

1. Introduction

Media Economics is based on different economics theories and analytical methods and devoted to studying how the economic and financial forces affect the media system and the media organization. In the early stage, media economics focuses on studying the newspaper competition and the structure and regulation of radio and television.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains talents who master the media advertising business, the diversified management and capital management of the media, media cost benefit analysis, media product planning and development and the needs analysis of the audience, provide talents with comprehensive quality who can be engaged in economic analysis, forecasting, planning, economic management for national comprehensive economic management institutions, policy research departments, related enterprises and radio and television and other media organizations.

3. Training Requirements

Media economics not only involves the knowledge of the media industry, students also need to grasp the principles of modern western economics and modern economic analysis methods, familiar with the country's economic policies and regulations. Also has to the area of economics expansion penetration ability, as a new subject, media economics, the edge cross decides the very strong professional comprehensive coverage, which puts forward higher requirements for the students on the ability of journalism and communication, economic analysis, etc.

4. Research Methods

There are three main paradigms of research: theoretical paradigms, applied paradigms, and critical paradigms. These paradigms are based on different academic foundations, and are concerned with different research topics and research focus.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates of media economics has a very broad range of employment in the future, can be engaged in the press and publicity departments in the media industry, enterprises.


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