Nantong University Medical School

Medical Internship at Medical School of Nantong University, China

International students for MBBS at Medical School of Nantong University have 1 year internship in the final year. Medical School of Nantong University has 21 affiliated hospitals of professional clinical teaching and graduation practice and 49 teaching practice hospitals, which provide abundant internship and clinical rotation to international students.

International students can either have internship in China or in their home country. The Medical School is in charge of internship in China. For the international students who are going to finish their internship in any country other than China, they will acquire an Authorization Letter from the Medical School and an original version and a copy of Acceptance Letter from the accepting hospital to the Medical School for examination. An Internship Handbook for Clinic Medicine Nantong University will also be issued to the international students, which shall be returned to the Medical School at the end of the internship for examination and approval. After finishing the internship, international students are required to pass an examination, which is compulsory to get relevant credits. 



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