Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Cosmetic Technology

1. Introduction

Medical Cosmetic Technology is a discipline that mainly takes medical aesthetics as the guide, based on maternal disciplines like internal medicine, surgery and dermatology, also according to the natural changes and formation rules of human skin appearance, uses drugs, surgery, massage and various physicochemical operation methods and techniques on all kinds of damaged appearance, disfiguring disease to maintain, improve, repair and beautify the human body. It is a practical cosmetic technology that integrates some techniques and methods of the parent subjects.

Medical cosmetic technology cultivates senior practical beauty professionals with the basic theory, basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, master the basic skills of medical cosmetic technology, can engage in medical cosmetic work at medical cosmetology institutions, beauty companies, cosmetics companies, medical cosmetology research departments and education departments.

Students should master the basic medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine and basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of medical beauty through systematic theory study and practice training, can skillfully use beauty practical technology like cosmetics, beauty care, image design and so on and Chinese medicine cosmetology health care technology like acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine health care, dietary conditioning to diagnose and treat loss beauty disorder; conducts beauty and health to beauty seekers; conducts technical advice and guidance to medical cosmetic plastic surgery; have cosmetic preparation and development of basic technology, with the guidance of cosmetic products and market development ability; have a certain ability in cosmetic enterprise planning, operation and management.

2. Training Objectives

After graduation, students can engage in medical cosmetology institutes, beauty enterprises, cosmetics groups, medical cosmetic scientific research and education departments for medical cosmetic technology and management and competent in beauty guide, beauty consultants, beautician training, medical plastic beauty, image design, deployment and marketing of cosmetics, beauty equipment use and maintenance, senior management in beauty institutions and so on.

3. Major Courses

traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), functional science of the normal structure of the human body, medical aesthetics tutorials, cosmetic pharmacology, medical hairdressing technology, beauty of dermatology, cosmetic surgery, acupuncture and massage cosmetology, cosmetics learn, beauty care, hairdressing industry management and marketing, aesthetic psychology, medical science research methodology, etc.

4. Employment Direction

Due to the rapid development of the beauty industry, the shortage of professionals and technical personnel, the program has broad employment prospects.


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