Science Degree Program in China - Molecular Science and Engineering

1. Introduction

Molecular Science and Engineering program cultivates compound high-quality talents with good quality in humanities and broad, deep chemical, chemical industry base, with a strong sense of innovation, basic scientific research ability and functional new chemical products research and development and industrialization ability.

2. Program Characteristics

The program is different from traditional chemistry and chemical engineering programs, but also not the simple plus of chemistry and chemical engineering; it focuses on using the molecular level of theory and knowledge to solve the chemistry and the environment, materials and life science, at the same time, based on the needs of functional chemical products research, development and industrialization, optimize the teaching content of chemistry and chemical engineering.

3. Training Requirements

The students have certain sense of innovation and practice operation skills by learning and mastering the basic theories and knowledge of molecular science and engineering, receiving the relevant training in scientific experiments of the application research.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the methods of molecular synthesis and modification;

2) Master the composition, structure and properties of molecular materials;

3) Master the basic theory and basic skills of polymer processing rheology, molding process and mold design;

4) With the initial capacity modification of molecular materials and processing technology research, design analysis and testing, and the development of new molecular materials and products;

5) With the ability to analyze and manage the process of molecular material processing technology and economic analysis and management;

6) With certain ability of computer applications.

5. Main Courses

Chemistry courses: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analysis chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry, instrumental analysis and technology, biological chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, advanced inorganic chemistry, advanced organic chemistry, inorganic materials chemistry;

Chemical engineering courses: principles of chemical engineering, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, green chemical technology, design for chemical, biological chemical, chemical separation engineering, environment engineering, chemical safety and environmental protection, physical properties of functional materials, functional polymer materials, pharmaceutical analysis, wood physical properties, materials and structure analysis and so on.

6. Practice Teaching

Basic experiments of chemistry, chemistry comprehensive experiments, graduation practice and so on, the general arrangement is 10-20 weeks.

7. Similar Programs

Chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical biology

8. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation have wide range of adaptability; can work at related industries or departments engaged in research, teaching, development, design, management, etc. 


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