Literature Degree Program in China - Network and New Media

1. Introduction

Network and New Media is a new program of journalism and communication based on a huge boost of the Internet and other new media forms of news spread in the industry and the whole society, comply with the development of information in the digital age required, conforming to the requirements and produce mobile Internet media convergence trend.

2. Main Courses

Planning introduction, professional knowledge, new media data analysis and application, new media technology and application, digital image acquisition and production, video synthesis and editing, digital age introduction to the work, news gathering and writing, media planning, new media creative and planning, new media products design and operation, website planning and editing, interactive marketing, micro film creation, integration marketing communication, electronic commerce, media management and introduction, Internet and new media practice, new media public opinion monitoring and analysis, the new media frontier.

3. Knowledge Requirements

Solid academic background of journalism and communication and understanding of the leading edge of the development of the discipline; master network and new media professional basic theory, basic skills and basic methods, with expert knowledge structure; has a broad international perspective of the media and global competitiveness of talents; grasp and skilled application of computer, new media basic knowledge and application skills, to complete the prescribed number of weeks of professional practice and graduation thesis.

4. Capacity Requirements

Solid academic background of communication and the knowledge structure of new media; not only understand the propagation law, understand the laws of the market, in the international vision to form integrated and comprehensive grasp of the Internet and digital media industry operators, grasp knowledge into creativity, planning and execution ability; good the ability of self-study, written and oral expression ability and social ability; has the problem, analyze and solve problems in practice ability to find the integrated use of expertise strong; with a strong sense of innovation and innovation and integration ability in the professional field; master by means of science and technology to complete document retrieval and information inquiry, has the preliminary scientific research ability; in IT, media and related cultural industry management; in other words, the special Industry is committed to training in the digital era with good professional quality and strong comprehensive competitiveness of the media people, IT people, professionals and business people.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in national key news websites, all levels of newspaper offices, radio stations, television stations, media groups, network media, information management propaganda departments of all levels of enterprises, culture communication company, advertising companies and enterprises in marketing department, audio and video publishing house of electronics industry, the magazine, education promotion company, teaching software development company, distance education institutions, scientific research units, consulting planning company, exhibition company.


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