Notice for study undergraduate programs sponsored by China Government Scholarship

------ Notice of the Ministry of Education of China on Preparatory Education for the International Students study undergraduate programs in China sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship

In order to ensure the quality of international education for foreign students, to enhance scholarship efficiency in the use of Chinese government scholarship, on a pilot basis, according to the administration of colleges and universities accept foreign students, decided since September 1, 2010, preparatory education is carry out for overseas student study undergraduate program in China before entering the professional learning sponsored by Chinese government scholarship, now the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

The overall goal of training: Enable the students to achieve the basic standard to enter the professional stage of higher education in China, the ability to learn Chinese language knowledge, professional knowledge and intercultural communication, etc. After the completion of the preparatory education, students should have the following knowledge and abilities:

1. with communicative competence in Chinese and cross culture communication ability: a preliminary understanding of the Chinese culture and social situation and ability to learn to use the Chinese language knowledge and skills to solve the basic problems of daily life; Master of Chinese basic vocabulary and basic grammar points, to master a certain amount of professional vocabulary and scientific Chinese common expression patterns, The basic ability to use Chinese to listen, write and ask in the class of specialized courses, with the aid of reference books, the primary ability to read the Chinese language materials and the corresponding written expression 

2. The Chinese language level reached the standard as follows: for higher study fields in Science, engineering, agriculture, medicine (except for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), economics, law, management, Chinese language test shall not be less than the HSK level 4, 180 points. For higher study fields in literature, history, philosophy and medicine, the Chinese language test may not lower than HSK level 6.

3. Have certain professional knowledge: for higher study fields in Science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, students should master the professional learning in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer knowledge. For higher study fields in economics, law, management science, education science, student should master professional learning in mathematics and computer knowledge. For higher study fields in history, literature, philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, students should master professional learning in ancient Chinese knowledge and computer knowledge.

Learning Time: 1-2 years. Among them, for freshman without Chinese foundation, higher study fields in science, engineering, agriculture, medicine (Chinese medicine professional except), economics, law, management, education, preparatory education is for one academic year (40 weeks); higher study fields in literature, history, philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), preparatory education is generally 2 years (8 weeks). For the student who has certain Chinese foundation, learning time can be adjusted properly.

The preparatory education curriculum must include language, culture, professional knowledge and language practice class. The language includes ordinary Chinese scientific and technological Chinese (or business Chinese), including Chinese comprehensive course, listening, reading course, oral English class, writing class and scientific Chinese reading course; culture including Chinese culture, Chinese social situation, cross cultural communication and other courses; professional knowledge class include courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, ancient Chinese, scientific Chinese (or business Chinese) and basic computer knowledge; language practice is refers to practice activities outside the school, social investigation.

Examination Method: Preparatory education will gradually implement the backbone of the national unified examination standards. Preparatory education curriculum assessment is divided into two parts, that is, the Chinese language proficiency test and professional basic knowledge comprehensive examination.

At the end of the learning stage of preparatory education, passed the examination and through the annual review of Chinese government scholarship, students will be issued by the school a preparatory education certificate, which is into colleges and universities for undergraduate study, no need to participate in the entrance examination.

After study the preparatory education but not up to assessment standard, the student’s eligibility for Chinese government scholarship will be canceled, but can receive a certificate of preparatory education study issued by the school 


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