Science Degree Program in China - Operational Research and Cybernetics

1. Introduction

Operational Research and Cybernetics is the modern mathematics subject that studies the structure, operation, design and control of a variety of systems, and it is a combination of applied mathematics and system science and information science. Problems of research in this subject are from many feasible solutions in certain preferred target optimal scheme, in the social and economic life of the rational planning, optimal design, optimum control and scientific management plays a very important role. It is widely used in natural science and social economy.

Operational research and cybernetics takes mathematics and computer as the main tools, from the point of view of system and information processing to study and solve all kinds of social, economic, financial, and military, production management, planning and decision-making system modeling, analysis, planning, design, control and optimization problems. Because of its wide application, operations research and control theory has been developed rapidly, and has opened up a lot of new research and application fields.

2. Research Areas

1) The theory of operations research and its application

The main research is the deterministic model and the stochastic model of the theoretical problems, the new algorithm and its convergence of operations research, study the application of various methods in the practical problems.

2) Optimization algorithm and its application software

Mainly study the algorithm of the nonlinear model of the deterministic model of and operations research and related application software; operational research stochastic model in a variety of algorithms and related application software.

3) Combinatorial optimization

The central problem of combinatorial mathematics is that some elements are arranged in various sets according to certain rules. The content can be divided into two categories: the combinatorial counting theory contains existence problem, counting and structural problems, after the optimization criteria is given, to find out the optimal arrangement become combinatorial optimization problem. The combination algorithm, introduces some combination of algorithms and complexity analysis of the algorithm to give the necessary.

3) Linear and nonlinear systems

4) Chaos and adaptive control

Chaos, as a kind of special complex dynamical phenomena, in recent years only in science and engineering are applied. The main research: principles and methods of chaos control in time, chaos anti control principle and method, chaos synchronization, adaptive synchronization and generalized synchronization principle and method, the principle and method of controlling spatiotemporal chaos anti control and chaotic in the field of engineering, physics, biomedicine, secure communication applications.

3. Training Objectives

The program trains senior professional personnel who systematically master the basic theory of the profession, understand the academic dynamics in the direction of research, with certain ability to carry out scientific research in operational research and cybernetics.

4. Program Directions

1) Optimal control theory and its application

2) Stochastic control theory and mathematical finance

5. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in scientific research, education and other departments for academic research, technology management, teaching, as well as engaged in the production, design, development and other business units for applied technology research and management decisions and so on.


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