Science Degree Program in China - Pathogenic Organisms

1. Introduction

Pathogenic Organisms refer to the microorganisms that can infringe the human body, causing infection or even infectious diseases, which are also called pathogens. Among the pathogens, bacteria and viruses are the most harmful.

2. Classification

Pathogenic organisms include prion, parasites (protozoan, helminths, and medical insects), fungi, bacteria, spirochetes, mycoplasma, rickettsia, chlamydia, and virus.

3. Pathogen Host

After being invaded by pathogens, the human body is the survival place of pathogens, which is known as the host of pathogens in medicine.

4. Infection and Immunity

Pathogens grow and reproduce, release toxic substances in the host, which causes the body’s pathological changes of varying degrees, this process is called infection. However, the human body or animal does not like the culture medium of artificial cultivating bacteria, which can make the bacteria grow and reproduce without restriction and easily lead to the death of the body. After the pathogen invading the human body, at the same time of infection, can stimulate the body's immune system to produce a series of immune response, which is called the immune system.

Infection and immunity is a pair of contradictions, the outcome is according to the pathogen and the host’s strength. If the host is strong enough, there is no infection; even infected, pathogen is also likely to die out gradually, so the patients rehabilitate; if the host is very weak and pathogen is very fierce, the infection spreads, patients will die.

In addition to the host's own strength, effective antibacterials and the synergy of other measures is essential, under the common role of a variety of factors, most diseases can be quickly cured. Relying on the continuous development of scientific progress, human will always be able to continuously control and eliminate harmful microorganisms to human and animal.

Studies have shown that vegetables of watering manure will be contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms and closer from the time of fertilization, the number of vegetable surface coliform group is larger, with water soaking, washing to remove the vegetables surface coliform group has certain effect, the flushing effect is the best. In addition, the best way to kill the pathogenic bacteria of vegetables is to soak in boiling water.


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