Education Degree Program in China - Pedagogy

1. Introduction

Pedagogy is the social science that studies the education phenomenon and the law. It widely exists in human life. Through the study of educational phenomena and educational problems, the general rules of education are revealed. Is the inherent nature of the relationship between education, society, people and the internal factors of education, with objectivity, inevitability, stability, repeatability, such as the relationship between politics, economy, culture, population, production, education and society, the relationship between education and human development activities, education within the school education, social education, family education and the relationship between the relationship between university education of primary school education, middle school education, the relationship between the target and the education in secondary education teaching, extracurricular education, education and teaching activities of intellectual and moral, body, beauty and labor relations between the various activities, the relationship between intellectual education and teaching in the education teaching, students' learning motivation, learning methods and learning activities between middle school grades the relationship between learning attitude, and so on are regular contact. The task of education is to explore and reveal the laws of education, clarify all kinds of educational problems, and establish the system of educational theories.

Education is an activity of cultivating social people. It reveals the general law of education through the study of various educational phenomena and problems.

2. Educational Thoughts

1) Formal education theory and the theory of essence of education

2) Naturalistic education and national education

3) The ideological trend of scientific education

3. Discipline Foundation

1) Scientific basis

2) Social basis

4. Major Schools

1) Experimental education

2) Cultural education

3) Pragmatism education

4) System education

5) Critical education

5. Basic Issues

1) Research objects

Research object of education is based on "education fact", "education issues" formed under the guidance of the educational value, its purpose lies in exploring and revealing the relationship of educational activities, in order to serve the educational practice.

2) Research methodology

Rational pedagogy emphasizes the logic of education research, and ignores the history of education research;

The positivism pedagogy emphasizes the fact of the education research and the value of the research on the education of exclusion;

The culture pedagogy emphasizes the value and history of education research, and the fact of education research is ignored;

Pragmatism pedagogy focuses on the solution of the specific problem, and the methodology of educational research is fundamentally avoided.

3) Science

4) Practice

6. Development Trend of Education

1) The expansion of the field of education;

2) The extension of the discipline foundation of educational research;

3) The diversity of educational research paradigms;

4) Further differentiation and synthesis of pedagogy;

5) The relationship between pedagogy and educational reform is becoming more and more closely;

6) Increasingly extensive international exchange and cooperation in education.

7. Education in the United States

From the perspective of the research direction of the education of American universities, it can be divided into: macro research direction, the direction of school management, teaching direction, the direction of linguistics, the direction of psychology, and the direction of educational technology.

8. Training Objectives

Education program trains application-oriented talents with high quality of education theory and education strong working ability, has wide basic knowledge in humanities, social sciences, solid education and psychological basis of academic knowledge and strong education professional knowledge, with strong skills in education and scientific research, teaching, management, consulting and coaching, can be engaged in various levels of normal colleges and universities, education administrative departments, research institutions and all kinds of primary and secondary schools for teaching, scientific research, management, counseling and counseling work.

9. Training Requirements

The students of this major mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of educational science, receive basic training in educational science research and master the basic skills of teachers.

10. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of education

2) Master the basic methods of educational science research;

3) Have the ability to engage in education teaching and other one or two primary and secondary school teaching work;

4) Familiar with the educational policies, policies and regulations;

5) understand the theoretical frontier of educational science, the actual situation and development trend of educational reform;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability.

11. Main Subjects


12. Main Courses

General psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, China education history, the history of foreign education, education theory, curriculum theory, teaching theory, principles of moral education, sociology of education, education statistics measurement and evaluation, philosophy of education, primary and secondary school teaching method.

The main practical teaching: education practice, internship, social survey, education survey, the general arrangement is not less than 20 weeks.

13. Similar Programs

Pre-school education, special education, educational technology, primary education, art education, humanities education, science education, history education, ideological and political education, music education

14. Employment Prospects

Education program students can be engaged in lots of industries, including all types of institutions, colleges, community service agencies, consulting organizations, culture organizations, judicial system, national association, committee, research and development center, ministry of education, even financial institutions and the media industry is also suitable for education program students.


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