Philosophy Degree Program in China - Philosophy

1. Introduction

Philosophy is the universal view of logical system. Philosophy is the understanding of the laws of change of the universe as a whole. Science is in the philosophy of the universe, the nature of the universe, set the basis for the understanding of the various parts of the universe that all things in the quantitative change of the law of knowledge.

The general philosophy is a concrete qualitative research on the general and basic problems. These problems are related to the reality, the existence, the knowledge, the value, the reason, the heart, the language and so on.

2. Fundamental Problems

1) Origin

The fundamental problem of philosophy is also called the basic problem of philosophy and the highest problem of philosophy. It refers to the relationship between thinking and being, consciousness and matter.

2) Connotation

Thinking and existence, consciousness and material which is the origin of the problem

The identity of thinking and being

3) Extension

Materialism and idealism, cognoscism and agnosticism, dualism, theory of knowledge

3. Branch and Classification

Metaphysics, Logic, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics

4. Training Objectives

The program develops compound type senior specialized talents with a certain theory accomplishment of philosophy and system of professional knowledge, to further develop the potential talents of philosophy, and can in the state organs, culture and education, press and publishing, business and other departments engaged in actual application.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of social science, natural science and thinking science, receive systematic education in the fundamental theory and clues of development of China and western philosophy, as well as the creative thinking training and business ability training.

6. Knowledge and Ability

1) Systematically master the theory and history of philosophy;

2) With certain related knowledge of social science, humanities, natural science, thinking science;

3) Master the basic research methods, philosophy research method and the corresponding social investigation ability;

4) understand the most important theoretical frontiers and development trends of philosophy;

5) understand the most important practical problems and development trends;

6) With the initial ability to analyze and solve social problems.

7. Main Courses

Introduction to philosophy, philosophy principles, history of Chinese philosophy, western philosophy history, philosophy of science and technology, ethics, religion, aesthetics, logic, psychology, introduction to Chinese and foreign philosophical works; practice teaching includes social practice, social investigation and social public welfare activities, etc.

8. Similar Programs

Religion, logic, sociology

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the administration, publicity, management, teaching and research work in the state organs, culture and education departments, news media, companies and other departments; or engaged in industry and commerce, foreign trade, finance, insurance, securities, tourism, real estate and other enterprises and institutions for the enterprise marketing management, customer resource management, network marketing management, marketing planning, marketing diagnosis, market research and consulting, etc.


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