Education Degree Program in China - Physical Education

1. Introduction

Physical Education is a part of education; it is a purposeful, planned and organized education process through physical activities and other auxiliary means. Physical education is a complete system, which is divided into two major categories: general physical education and special physical education. Its basic feature is the outstanding education and teaching. Physical education takes teaching as the main way, classroom teaching or specialized counseling as the main form, physical exercise and health care as the main means.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains senior specialized talents who systematically master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of physical education and master law of physical education in schools, has a strong practical ability, expertise on the basis of all-round development, can engaged in secondary school PE teaching, extracurricular sports activities, after-school sports training and competition, and to engage in sports scientific research in schools, the management of school physical education and social sports guidance.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of pedagogy, psychology, human science, physical education in school, physical exercise, training and competitions, receive basic training of sports science research, master the basic ability of school physical education work.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theories and knowledge of education science, psychology science and human body science;

2). Master the basic theory and method of physical education;

3). Master the basic theory and method of physical training, training and competition;

4). with the basic ability of school sports science research;

5). Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of the education and physical education;

6) Understand the school sports reform and the development of sports science.

5. Main Subjects

Education, physical education

6. Main Courses

Human anatomy, human physiology, sports health, sports psychology, school physical education, track and field, ball games, gymnastics, martial art. The main practical teaching links: including educational practice, the general arrangement is 8-10 weeks. Major program experiments: human anatomy, human physiology, sports and health care, etc.

7. Similar Programs

Sports training

8. Program Value

1) Improve health

2) Improve the level of mental health

3) Enhance the ability of social adaptation

4) Sports and health knowledge and skills

9. Program Characteristics

Compared with other forms of sports, the basic characteristics of physical education are its outstanding education and teaching. Any physical education is a planned education and teaching process under the guidance of teachers (or mentor), which is the course of study and exercise of sports subject (target). Physical education as the main way of teaching, classroom teaching or specialized counseling as the main form of physical exercise and health care as the main means of. These characteristics make the distinction between physical education and other forms of physical education.

The most common, the largest event among physical education is the school physical education and sports professional education; the two interact with each other and are dependant with each other, which reflects an interactive relationship.

10. Theoretical Basis

1) Biological science foundation

2) Educational psychology

3) Sociological foundation

11. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be employed at various kinds of schools for school physical education teaching and management of education and teaching. Graduates can also be engaged in the guidance of mass sports, sports training and sports science research at enterprises in accordance with the social needs.


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