Science Degree Program in China - Physiology

1. Introduction

Physiology is the biology discipline that studies the functional activities of organisms, including physiological activity research of organ and system level, cellular and molecular level, the overall level and experiment physiology, molecular physiology and systematic physiology. Physiology is a branch of biological science, which is a science that takes the life activities phenomenon of the organism and the function of each part of the body as the research objects. Physiology is a branch of biology that studies the normal life activities of living organisms. Living organisms include the simplest microbes to the most complex human body.

2. Research Objects

Because of the different research objects, physiology can be divided into microbial physiology, plant physiology, animal physiology and human physiology. Physiology is generally referred to the physiology of the human body and the higher vertebrates.

3. Animal Physiology

Animal physiology, in particular mammalian physiology, is closely related to the physiology of the human body. They have many common points and can be combined together. Animal physiology, from the perspective of evolution and individual development, can be divided into comparative physiology and developmental physiology. The former carries out a comparative study on the physiological functions of the various classes of invertebrates and vertebrates, and explores how their life activities can adapt to the environment changes.

In many types of invertebrates, insect physiology research covers especially important position. In vertebrates, the physiology of fish, amphibians, birds and mammals is of great significance. In developmental physiology and mammalian individual developmental study on the physiological characteristics of each stage, not only has its own value, to understand the physiological changes in the process of human development is also of great significance, with the mutual penetration of subjects, physiology differentiates biochemistry and biophysics.

4. Physiology Experiment

The experiments of physiology can be divided into several levels, namely, the experimental studies physiology from different levels: the level of the organ system, the level of the cell and the subcellular and molecular level. Up to now, a large number of physiological studies have been focused on the level of the body's organ system, because this is the most urgent need for basic knowledge in medical application and production practice.

5. Main Tasks

The main task of physiology of is to clarify various normal life phenomena, activity patterns and producing mechanism of the body and its parts, and influence of interior, external environment changes of the body on these functional activities and body corresponding adjustment, and reveals the meaning of a variety of functions in the whole life.

6. Pathophysiology

On the basis of the study of human normal life activities, it also needs to study the law of human body's abnormal life activities. In this way, the pathophysiology of human diseases has been derived from physiology, which provides a theoretical basis for the occurrence, development and prevention of human diseases.

7. Main Content

Commonly used research methods of physiology, the basic characteristics of life activities, the internal environment, homeostasis and biological rhythm of the body, physiological functions regulation, the human body automatic control system, physiological development retrospect and prospect, cell membrane structure and material transport, cell signal transduction, cell biological electrical phenomenon, muscle cell contractile function and introduction of blood, blood cells, physiological hemostasis, blood, heart biological electric activity and heart pump blood function, vascular physiology, cardiovascular activity regulation, special organ circulation, respiration, digestion and absorption, energy metabolism, body temperature, urine formation and excretion and sense organ function, nervous system, endocrine system, reproduction


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