Literature Degree Program in China - Popular Culture

1. Introduction

Popular Culture is a general concept with rich content and complex components consisting of a series of concepts, including fashionable dresses, fashion, consumer culture, leisure culture, luxury culture, material culture, popular life style, fashion taste, urban culture, sub culture, popular culture and the mass culture. This general concept is expressed by a certain rhythm, in a certain cycle, in a certain region or a global scale, in the different levels of the population of the class and the spread of a wide range of culture.

Popular culture is a kind of social culture involving in most of the social members, and in the form of material or non-material showing the era of people's psychological status and value orientation. It is usually used in the era of advanced media communication tools and dies, and the society produced certain influence to the ring. Popular culture takes commodity economy as the foundation, by the mass media as a carrier, with entertainment as the main purpose, popular taste as the guide, including fashion, fashion, consumer culture, culture and leisure, luxury culture, material culture, popular life style, fashion taste, urban culture, sub culture, popular culture and the mass culture, etc.

2. Characteristics

1). Production and living cycle is shortened, the cost of replication is gradually reduced, and the efficiency of replication is improved.

2). Subvert significance and tradition, reconstruct the cultural structure

3). Commercial operation is more perfect, the concept of cultural consumption is deeply rooted among the people

4). Aesthetic pluralism

3. Mechanisms

1). Cultural context: Globalization

2). Economic level: commercial interest driven

3). Social psychology: the confirmation of "ego" and the liberation of human nature

4). Communication platform: mass media to promote cultural popularity

4. Contemporary Characteristics

Popular culture is becoming a rushing tide of the times. People may have made a variety of responses to this trend, including some of its evaluation. However, for the understanding of an object should be based on the full understanding of the characteristics of, and this understanding of people mostly is not based on a theoretical analysis, but according to the past prejudice or intuition made. Therefore, for the analysis of the characteristics of contemporary popular culture have its necessity. The following, the theory of the five points are summed up the characteristics.

Culture level

Thought resources

Legal question

New pattern

Ethnic differences


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