Education Degree Program in China - Preschool Education

1. Introduction

Preschool Education is the pedagogy using various methods, entities by parents and teachers to stimulate their brains systematically, in a planned way and scientifically, to make the various parts of the brain function gradually improved. Preschool education is an important part of preschool education, constitute an important part of the scientific system of preschool education.

Preschool education has a broad and narrow sense. The generalized preschool education refers to the conservation and education of children from birth to 6 years of age or 7 years of age. The narrow sense of pre-school education refers to the implementation of the child care and education for children aged 3~6 years or 7 years old.

2. Important Significance

Children is the basic stage of intellectual development in life, but also the most rapid development period, appropriate and correct pre-school education for children's intelligence and the future development of a great role. The formation and development of the gifted children are related to the proper and correct pre-school education, especially the pre-school education in the intellectual field. Is a pre intellectual training process in many aspects. On preschool children's mental health concerns should not be overlooked. In this age of children's mental development is not mature, parents and teachers need to actively guide.

Preschool education with professional training of preschool education professional knowledge, engaged in teaching and research work of teachers of preschool education administrative personnel and other relevant bodies of the teaching and research personnel in nurseries and kindergartens.

3. Principles

(1) From the fetal education, adapt to each age development and individual development of education;

(2) Promote the healthy development of preschool children's body, wisdom, virtue and beauty and the healthy development of personality;

(3) The combination of adult care and education for pre-school children;

(4) Induce by the game, the grow in the game;

(5) Create a suitable environment, to play its educational function

4. Characteristics of Preschool Education Curriculum

1), preschool education emphasizing analysis and understanding

2), preschool learning has more emphasis on self-learning

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of preschool education, receive basic training in basic skills of preschool education, and have the basic ability in conservation, education and research in nurseries and kindergartens.

6. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of preschool education, child psychology, kindergarten curriculum design and implementation, research methods of early childhood education, etc;

2). Master the basic ability to observe and analyze the children's ability to carry out conservation and education for their children;

3). with the initial capacity of preparing specific education programs and the implementation of the program;

4). Familiar with the guidelines, policies and regulations of early childhood education;

5). Understand the development trend of the theory of preschool education; 

6). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.

7. Main Subjects

Education, psychology

8. Main Courses

General psychology, human anatomy and physiology, sociology of education, vocal music, dance, art, preschool education, infant psychology, early childhood education psychology, child care, child education research methods, etc.

9. Practice Teaching

Main practical teaching: including the kindergarten experience, practice, children normal school practice, education survey, social survey, and the general arrangement is 6-8 weeks.

10. Similar Programs

Pedagogy, special education, technical education, primary education, art education, humanistic education, science education, historical education, ideological and political education, music education, electrical and mechanical technology education, interior design and technology education, cooking and nutrition education, the education of food nutrition and inspection, secretary education, home economics.


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