Management Degree Program in China - Procurement Management

 1. Introduction

Procurement Management is the whole process of procurement activities including plan release, purchase order generation, purchase order execution and arrival reception and inspection storage, purchase invoice collection, purchase clearing, on the movement of logistics procurement process each link state were closely tracking, supervision, implementation process of scientific management of the procurement activities of the enterprises. The functions of procurement management are divided into three categories, namely, the protection of supply, supply chain and information management.

2. Purchasing Process

1) procurement plan

2) purchase order

3) invoice verification

4) transaction managemen

5) purchase contract

6) strategic sourcing

3. Three Functions

1) securing supply

2) supply chain management

3) information management

4. Management System

Procurement management specific practice

1) procurement management objectives

2) procurement management system

3) procurement management work content

4) standard procurement operations procedures

5) standard procurement rules

6) company procurement procedures

7) the implementation approach of the procurement

8) management regulations of procurement acceptance check

5. Management Platform

Procurement management platform

Supplier supply management platform

6. Management Elements

First, to determine the qualification of suppliers

Second, the formation mechanism of the purchase price

Third, the determination of the mode of payment

Fourth, the number of verification

Fifth, Quality check

7. Procurement Category

1), centralized procurement

2), decentralized procurement

3), on time purchasing

8. Training Requirements

Students mainly study the basic knowledge and basic theory of business management and procurement management; receive the training of professional skills, with the ability to engage in various sectors of the corresponding procurement management.

9. Knowledge and Ability

1) master the basic knowledge and basic theory of management and procurement management;

2) have a solid knowledge of purchasing management;

3) familiar with the general process of procurement management;

4) understand the development direction and trend of purchasing management discipline;

5) with the skills in comprehensive use of the knowledge of the analysis and processing of procurement management problems in the work.

10. Practice Teaching

Including the curriculum practice, education practice and the graduation practice and so on

11. Main Courses

Procurement supply management introduction, supply strategy, supplier management, quotation and negotiation, procurement contract management, enterprise logistics management, procurement performance management, supply chain management, international trade theory and practice, inventory management, international commercial law, electronic commerce, government procurement theory and practice.

12. Employment Direction

Graduates are suitable to work in various types of industrial and commercial enterprises, government procurement management departments and industry management departments for corresponding procurement and supply management.

13. Similar Programs

Business administration, marketing, accounting, financial management, human resource management, commodity science, auditing, e-commerce, logistics management, international business, e-commerce and law, business planning management, etc


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