Management Degree Program in China - Property Management

 1. Introduction

Property Management, under the commission of property owners, based on the property management commission contract, maintain, repair and renovate the housing construction and equipment of the property, municipal utilities, greening, health, transport, security and environmental features, and provides comprehensive paid services to and property owners and users. Property management mainly opens to the persons who are engaged in or want to engage in property management, through the study of professional property knowledge and laws and regulations, to train professional property management personnel.

2. Training Objectives 

The program is to cultivate senior application-oriented professionals with the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of property management, qualitative and quantitative analysis methods in property management, familiar with the laws and regulations related to the property management and international business management practices and rules, have strong ability in analyzing and solving actual problems in property management.

3. Main Courses

Management basics, property information management, tax basis of property management, property management practices, property management regulations, the real estate marketing management, property management of equipment and facilities, housing construction and maintenance management, Secretarial Management and application of writing, human resource management, public relations, community planning and management, contract management, property valuation, property management business, integrated course of vocational qualification training.

4. Training Requirements

With innovative spirit and practical ability; solid scientific and cultural knowledge, excellent professional skills, familiar with economic theory, computer network technology, master the knowledge of modern enterprise management; has strong ability in writing expression , public relations coordination and communication ability, market planning and with the strong practical operation ability in property management, planning, design; skilled in using business administration tools like computer; healthy personality, physical and mental health.

5. Employment Prospects

Work In the property management enterprises, be engaged in the customer service, security service, project management, project planning and marketing at residential areas, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, enterprises and institutions.  

Vocational qualification certificates: 

Assistant property management certificate 

ERP human resource management 

ERP financial application

Marketing qualification certificate 

High and new tech office automation



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Wenzhou Medical University

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