Medical Degree Program in China - Prosthodontics

 1. Introduction

Prosthodontics is a subject studying the repair of various oral and maxillofacial defects by methods conforming to physiology. It is an important part of oral medicine, produced by combination of medicine and modern science and technology, belonging to the category of biomedical engineering.

2. Tasks
Study: etiology, mechanism, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various oral and maxillofacial defects
Use: artificial materials to make various devices, appliance or prosthesis
Restoration, reconstruction or correction: patients with various congenital malformations, acquired defect or abnormal oral and maxillofacial diseases, to restore the normal morphology and function, in order to promote the health of patients.
3. Clinical Content
Reparative therapy of tooth defect or deformity;
Reparative therapy of dentition defect or deformity;
Reparative therapy of dentition loss;
Reparative therapy of maxillofacial defect;
Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, temporomandibular joint disease and occlusal abnormality
4 Treatment
Design, manufacture artificial devices to recover the lost morphology and function resulted from all kinds of defects, lack and deformities, try to reach or be close to the normal level.
5. Major Repair Methods
Fixed repair (fixed partial denture, adhesive fixed repair), flexible repair (partial denture can be removed), fixed and flexible repair, cover the denture, complete denture, implant denture.
6. Relevant Disciplines
Prosthodontics Program is part of prosthodontics. Prosthodontics takes oral medicine, physics, chemistry, materials science, metallurgy and aesthetics as the theoretical basis, studying the manufacture of denture, prosthesis and appliance conforming to physiology. The program aims at providing technicians with professional services for health care on teeth.
7. Training Objectives
Prosthodontics is to cultivate high-quality dental repairing professionals adapt to the development needs of oral medicine, equipped with certain basic theory and knowledge of clinical medicine and oral medicine, with the independent operation ability of dental repairing technology, with certain potential and all-round development.
Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:
(1) The basic theoretical knowledge of clinical medicine and oral medicine;
(2) Basic knowledge of common diseases and frequently occurring diseases in oral and maxillofacial region;
(3) To master the basic knowledge and skills of oral cavity repair technology;
(4) Master the operation technique of the dental equipment and use repair materials correctly;
(5) Skilled in designing and producing various kinds of dental prosthesis;
(6) To master the development of related repair technology and repair materials, in order to realize techniques updated continuously.
8. Main Courses
Main subjects: Prosthetic Dentistry, Basic Science of Stomatology, Clinical Medicine.
Main courses: oral tissue pathology, oral anatomy and physiology, science of dental materials, dental pulp disease, periodontal disease, oral mucosal disease, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, pick partial denture technology, orthodontics, dental technology introduction, technology of fixed partial denture, denture technology, immediate denture and overdenture, porcelain fused to metal  technology.
9. Employment Prospect
Prosthodontics graduates can be employed Oral Medicine College, dental hospital, denture processing enterprises, scientific research and pharmaceutical sales company and other institutes.
Dental technicians are professionals and service personnel in the field of prosthodontics, who are divided into primary, intermediate and advanced vocational and technical personnel according to the work experience and academic degree. Unified vocational practice qualification certificate will be issued after being qualified by the examination or training.
Dental therapist: professionals and technical personnel in dental prevention and dental treatment services for oral diseases.
10. Characteristics
(1) Close cooperative research with other fields
(2) Dental prosthetic workers face a daunting task
(3) Artistic skills, strong skills, difficult operation

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