Management Degree Program in China - Public Service Management

 1. Introduction

Public Service Administration aims to cultivate senior specialized talents who are equipped with the knowledge in modern management theory, technology and method and the application ability, can engage in administrative departments of public utilities units like culture, education, sports, health, environmental protection, social insurance, art for management. Art management includes film and television planning, production management, cultural heritage management and other professional directions.

2. Training Objectives

The program cultivates high-quality specialized personnel with modern management theory, public economic theory, technology and methods and other aspects knowledge and application ability, the modern social needs. Require students to take management, public administration training system, both political science, economics, law and other aspects of knowledge, ability to have a higher level of management, management, planning, research, communication, etc., after graduation suited to telecommunications and public enterprise sector, common enterprises, government agencies at all levels, social organizations engaged in the work of management planning, policy research and analysis, foreign exchange, promotion planning, organization management, human resource management, senior secretary.

3. Training Requirements

The course system of the program has set full common courses and professional basic courses of public management discipline, and further set up human resources, public policy analysis, urban management, social management, four professional training module, implementation of modular teaching, let the students not only has a solid professional foundation, and can choose according to their interest to study professional module, the knowledge structure of the students "wide" "special" organic combination, reached thick foundation, wide caliber, expertise and high-quality training strategy, the graduates should master the following knowledge and abilities:

1). With a wide range of knowledge, understanding of cutting-edge information and the new developments in the discipline; accept comprehensive and systematic professional training and assessment, learn and master the modern management knowledge and methods; establish the efficiency, innovation, service, competition, democracy and the rule of law modern philosophy.

2). Have the ability to work for the modernization of management, including: project planning and management; public economic policy analysis ability; electronic and automatic methods to deal with affairs management ability; social investigation, market research and qualitative and quantitative methods to deal with the analysis of the ability; strong planning, organization and execution ability; strong written and oral expression ability; computer operating ability.

4. Ability Requirements

1). Grasp basic theory and basic knowledge of economics, management science, familiar with the dynamic development of public utilities;

2). Familiar with the policies and regulations of public utilities management, familiar with and master the laws of economic law and intellectual property;

3). Have a strong market research and development capability in the public utilities, business management and management capabilities and cultural and public product development capabilities;

4). Skilled use of computer business management, market analysis, product design, etc.

5. Main Courses

Management principle, public administration, leadership, political science principle, western economics, public economics, public utilities management, contemporary Chinese government and politics, public financial management, public policy, public policy, e-government, organization theory, public relations, management psychology, theory and method of social survey and quantitative analysis methods.

The optional modules of further study in the professional direction include: human resources module, public policy analysis module, urban management module, social management module.

6. Responsibility Connotation

The responsibility of public administration is the responsibility of the management of public utilities in the process of management. Public utility management responsibility is a kind of public responsibility, or it is the performance of public responsibility in the management of public utilities. From the public to the government's hopes and requirements to recognize and divide the administrative responsibility point of view, its connotation includes response, flexibility, competence, according to the legitimate legal procedures act and responsible, honest.

7. Employment Prospects

Office and administrative work of government agencies, business units, social organizations and public service systems


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