Business Degree Program in China - Public Finance

1. Introduction

Finance is a subject that studies the formation and development rule of the financial distribution relations with the state as the main body; it is the professional basic theory of public finance.

Public finance, namely, the state finance, is the main body of the state, the economic activities that collect a part of social resources through the government's revenue and expenditure activities to meet the social public needs.

Financial research: how the government raise, use and manage the funds to meet the needs of the public. The content includes the financial theory, the financial system and the financial management method.

The public finance program belongs to the applied economics; it mainly studies the theory, the system and the management method of the government department in the fund collection and the use, simultaneously also studies the tax question of enterprises in the production management process.

2. Content

According to the content of the financial allocation, public finance can be divided into: national budget, state taxation, public debt, enterprise finance, fixed assets investment, etc.

3. Training Objectives

The program trains senior specialized talents with the theoretical knowledge and business skills of the public finance, taxation and other aspects, can engage in finance, taxation and other economic management departments and enterprises for relevant work.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of public finance and taxation; receive the basic training of related business, with the basic ability of the actual work of taxation and related fields. Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1). Master the basic theory and knowledge of financial discipline;

2). With the basic ability to deal with the financial and tax revenue;

3). Familiar with the national policies and regulations related to financial, tax;

4). Understand the theoretical front and development trends of the subject;

5). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Courses

Political economics, western economics, money and banking, international economics, finance, national budget, tax administration, international taxation, state owned assets management, etc.

6. Practice Teaching

The main practical teaching includes curriculum practice, graduation practice and so on.

7. Similar Programs

Finance, economics, investment, international economy and trade, national economic management, economic and trade, insurance, financial engineering, credit management, network economics, sports economy, investment, environmental resources and development economics, real estate management and estimation, statistics, in international cultural trade, taxation, revenue.

8. Employment Prospects

Foreign trade

Tax Planning

Civil servant

Others (including financial accountant, marketing, vocational school or university teachers, customer service, etc.)


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