Management Degree Program in China - Public Relations

1. Introduction

Public Relations refers to the comprehensive application-oriented discipline that takes objective phenomenon and activity patterns of public relations as the research object, a subject that studies the dissemination and communication behavior, rules and methods organizations and the public. Public relations are highly applied curriculum which can be applied to individuals and organizations.

Public relation refers to the communication and spreading relationship between the organization and the public. There are many definitions of public relations, generally refers to a social organization with communication means to form a two-way communication between themselves and the relevant public, so that the two sides to achieve mutual understanding and mutual adaptation of management activities. This definition reflects the public relations is a kind of communication activities, but also a management function.

Public relations is a discipline with strong application formed with social progress, economic development, it is the social relations that social organization uses communication, media and means of communication, form with the public interests in order to establish a good image in the public.

Public relations program is a new cross subject, which is based on communication, management science and behavioral science, and it is a science which reveals the state of public relations and the law of public relations activities. This discipline has experienced three stages, namely, the bud, the generation and the development stage.

2. New Models

1) Network public relations

2) News public relations

3) Communication

4) Management functions

5) Specific relation theory

6) Feature synthesis

7) The art of management

8) Search engine optimization

3. Characteristics of Public Relations

1) Emotional

2) Bidirectional

3) Extensive

4) Integrity

5) Long term

4. Public Relations Structure

The subject of public relations is the social organization, the object is the social public, the link between the main body and the object is the information dissemination. These three elements constitute the basic category of public relations; the theoretical research of public relations, the actual operation is around the relationship between the three layers.

5. Public Relations Survey

Basic way

Survey ways: sample survey, general survey, case investigation.

Basic methods

1), direct survey: personal contact, in-depth access, forum of public representatives

2), indirect survey method: observation method, literature analysis method, sampling survey method, network survey method, questionnaire method

6. Research Objects

As a discipline, the research objects of public relations in general must include all the social phenomena and activities of public relations. Public relations as a social organization by means of dissemination of dealing with the relationship between the various public behavior, social phenomena and activity patterns can be embodied into the following three aspects, the public relations, and studies three specific objects:

First, as the social organization management functions of the public relations of the phenomenon and the law

Secondly, as a social organization and its public information dissemination activities of the public relations of the phenomenon and the law

Thirdly, as a public relations and the law of the relationship between the various types of specific public relations

7. Main Content

(1) The concept, category and nature of public relations;

(2) The origin and development history of public relations;

(3) The main body of public relations and its function;

(4) Public object analysis;

(5) The management process of public relations;

(6) The media of public relations and its application;

(7) The practice of public relations activities;

(8) Professional ethics and legal constraints of public relations;

8. Subject Significance

(1) To meet the needs of opening to the outside world.

(2) The need to adapt to the reform of the system.

(3) To meet the needs of the development of market economy.

(4) To meet the needs of the modern information society.

(5) To meet the needs of social stability.

9. Training Objectives

The program takes the public communication and transaction of the organization as the research object, takes the public relations of government, industry and commerce enterprise public relations and international public relations as the main direction of development to train public relations professionals who understand management, good planning, communication, with a system knowledge of administration and management, familiar with the theory and method of modern communication, have the research, planning and creative ability, master various propaganda techniques and the art of diplomacy public relations professionals.

Through learning, students can have the following abilities:

1) Basic theory and knowledge of management, economics, and public relations;

2) Familiar with the development process, current situation and trend of project management;

3) Good command of social survey methods and skills and social statistical methods;  4) with strong language and word expression, interpersonal communication and analysis and to solve the practical problems of business relations, the basic ability;

5) Master the method of literature search, data query, has certain ability in practical work.

10. Program Courses

Main courses: communication, management, marketing, political science, sociology, social psychology, public relations science principle, public relations practice and case, advertising theory, planning and advertising strategy, advertising design, CI strategy, corporate culture, leadership in science and art, organizational behavior, interpersonal communication and etiquette, public relations writing, speech and eloquence, negotiation skills, social investigation method, computer application, mass media research, video production, photography, media law tutorial, communication ethics, aesthetics, and international relations.

11. Practice Teaching

Public relations survey and planning, language art of public relations, public psychology, public relations etiquette, public relations planning and implementation, training courses, comprehensive practice and graduation practice and so on.

12. Similar Majors

Marketing, management, communication, administration, sociology, public management, public utilities management, labor and social security, public policy, labor relations, etc.

13. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in various levels of governments, business units and media companies for information research, corporate culture, image planning, publicity and promotion, foreign exchange and other work.


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