Public Security Degree Program in China - Public Security Management

1. Introduction

Public Security Management program cultivates senior comprehensive professionals who can be engaged in the comprehensive management, political work, legal affairs, logistics and other departments of public security organs for management, legal work and in the business department of the public security for police command, organization and management, information research work and the relevant field teaching and research work.

Public security management is an important part of the national public administration, through the effective organization and management of the public security organs to promote the implementation of administrative acts of public security to ensure that the process to give full play to the functions of the public security organs. That is to say, the public security organs to future improve system function, and effectively protect national security, maintaining social order, according to the country's legal system, using the modern management theory, management methods and technical means, conscious, planned, organized to all activities are coordinated. Its purpose is to ensure that the public security organ's own functions of the full play, so that the public security organs to fully reflect its inherent purpose and mission. The characteristics of public security management include: political, legal, mandatory, service and hierarchy.

From the subordination of the management, public security management is a branch of modern management and administrative management, meaning solving the problem from the public security management, it belongs to the marginal division; in the role of public security management, it is a practical, political and a science with strong application.

2. Knowledge and Skills

1), systematically grasp the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of the program;

2), with modern police command awareness of the overall fighting, mutual cooperation and strong safeguard;

3), master the modern command means;

4), with good organizational discipline style;

5), strong language expression ability and writing ability, develop innovative ability, organization and management ability and good psychological quality.

3. Main Courses

Politics, management science, public security management, public security decision science, public security command, police administration, police human resources management, police organizational behavior, public security information system management, police public relations, etc.

4. Employment Prospects

Public security, procuratorial, national security and other departments engaged in criminal investigation, criminal law enforcement, prevention and control of crime and the investigation teaching, scientific research and so on.


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