Management Degree Program in China - Quality Control Engineering

 1. Introduction

Quality Control Engineering is the discipline that studies the basic law of quality management activities, the curriculum include: statistical techniques, quality management, quality engineering, engineering economy, measurement, standardization, market regulation law, modern manufacturing system etc.

Through process practice as the core of the system, the students are cultivated to have the innovation spirit and the practice ability of the quality, have a solid engineering quality management professional knowledge and skills, grasp good knowledge of Humanities and Social Sciences, understand the frontiers of the discipline theory and the development of the dynamic, the basic theory and professional knowledge of quality related disciplines.

2. Training Objectives

The program focuses on the knowledge system and ability system possessed by application-oriented engineering personnel in quality management, taking the formation of the advanced quality management concept, the breakthrough of the key technology of quality safety and the practice of the theory of quality science as the center, to cultivate senior specialized talents with a solid management, the basic theory of economics, master the techniques and methods of engineering field of modern quality management, technical and economic problems of product quality, engineering quality and service quality in the field of measurement and analysis, evaluation, optimization and innovation, give full play to the standard social and economic effect, protect the interests of consumers, promote the quality management of society the efficient development of economic harmony.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge and basic theory of quality management engineering, subject to the training of professional skills, with the ability to engage in decision-making and management of quality management projects

4. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic knowledge and basic theory of quality management engineering;

2). Quality management projects and services, such as the standardization of system construction capacity;

3). The ability to draw up and draft standard documents;

4). Understand the leading edge of the quality management project.

5. Main Courses

Quality management, quality engineering, quality statistics, quality economics, measurement and standards based, quality management system certification, quality planning theory and method, product quality quick detection theory and method, electrical equipment quality detection theory and technology.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can engage in various levels of government quality supervision units, quality related units and scientific research units, the enterprise quality management departments for quality planning, quality design, quality improvement, quality inspection, quality data statistics and analysis, quality supervision and management work, etc.


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