Literature Degree Program in China - Radio & Television

1. Introduction

Radio & Television program cultivates senior specialized talents with the basic theory of radio and television journalism and broad cultural and scientific knowledge, who can be engaged in radio and television news propaganda department for editing, interview, program presiding over and management work of journalism and communication studies.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study journalism, radio and television, and basic theory and basic knowledge of broadcasting and TV related disciplines, radio and television news interview, writing, editing, broadcasting, holiday presided over the basic training, with the basic ability in radio and television festival planning, editing, interview and management, etc.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theory, basic knowledge of journalism, radio and television science, communication;

2). with basic ability in news writing, editing, recording, production, broadcasting, hosting the program;

3). with oral and written expression ability, the ability to interview and report on the scene and the front of the camera, social survey and social activities and radio and television program planning, production, review and analysis of the ability;

4) understand the policy and regulation of radio and television news work;

5). Know humanities and social sciences and common sense of science and technology, to understand the status quo and development trend of radio and television industry.

4. Main Subject

Journalism and Communication Studies

5. Main Courses

Introduction to radio and television, radio and television technique, radio television news interviews and writing, broadcasting and TV programs, radio and television editors, production of radio and TV programs, TV documentary and column, TV camera technology, radio and television history, radio television regulations and broadcasting career morality, audio-visual language, film and Television Art introduction, introduction to journalism, spread Conspectus, the basis of modern Chinese, selected works of Chinese ancient literature, basic writing, broadcasting hosting art, public relations, and Mandarin etc.

6. Practice Teaching

Main practical teaching: including the primary practice, graduation practice, the general arrangement is 30 weeks.

7. Similar Programs

Journalism, radio and television journalism, advertising, editorial and publishing, communication, creative media, broadcasting and TV director, international cultural exchange


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