Education Degree Program in China - Science Education

1. Introduction

Science Education takes teenagers as the main body, school education as the main position, with natural science discipline education as the main content, and relates to the whole educational of technology, history of science, philosophy of science, culture, science, sociology and other disciplines, in order to make young people master the basic knowledge and basic skills of natural science, learn scientific method scientific inquiry, experience, understanding of science and technology and social relations, grasp the essence of science, develop scientific spirit, cultivate and improve scientific literacy; and through the cultivation of qualified citizens with scientific literacy, the development of social productivity, the improvement of social culture, let the scientific spirit and humanistic spirit in modern civilization melt.

Science education is a kind of pedagogy taking teaching basic scientific knowledge as a means (vector), the quality of education as the basis, experiencing scientific thinking method and scientific method of inquiry, cultivate scientific spirit and scientific attitude, establish a complete view of science knowledge and values, train scientific research ability of practice and the application of science and technology.

2. Training Objectives

Science education program is to train application-oriented, composite professionals with the concept of modern education, can adapt to the needs of society in the 21st century economic development and construction, master the basic theory of educational science and related disciplines, basic knowledge and experimental skills, have good scientific literacy, wide knowledge, strong ability, high quality, rich characteristics of the times, inquiry spirit and practical ability of basic education.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of educational science, receive basic training of scientific research in education; master the basic skills of teachers.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of science of education;

2). Master the basic methods of education research;

3). with the ability of being engaged in education and other professional teaching of one or two courses in primary and secondary schools;

4). Familiar with education policies and regulations;

5). Understand the actual situation and development trend of the theory of cutting-edge science education, education reform;

6). Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and information inquiry, with ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Courses

General psychology, educational psychology, China education history, the history of foreign education, education theory, teaching theory, principles of moral education, sociology of education, education statistics measurement and evaluation, philosophy of education, primary and secondary school teaching method, etc.

6. Teaching Practice

Educational practice, internship, social investigation, education investigation, etc. the general arrangement is not less than 20 weeks.

7. Similar Programs

Education, pre-school education, special education, educational technology, primary school education, art education and humanities education

8. Employment Directions

Science education graduates can be engaged as comprehensive practical activities teachers and technology teachers, especially the professional comprehensive practical activities in technology teacher; professional science and technology museum staff; professional (science technology education base) science workers; newspaper, radio and television and other mass media science column of the spread of science and technology; community, enterprises, rural areas such as science and technology workers; science management (science association, community, technology station, etc.) personnel; talents of information network popular science products producing; popular science industry free people and other science and technology education, dissemination and the popularity professional staff.


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