Public Security Degree Program in China - Science of Public Order

1. Introduction

Science of Public Order cultivates composite application-oriented professionals for the public security organs with a solid legal theory and theoretical basis of public security, grasp the professional skills of public security work, to meet the needs of the actual work at public security organs.

2. Research Objects

The study object of public order science is the main basis of a discipline distinguishing from other disciplines, determines the nature and status of the subject, and decides the development of the subject. The research object of the public security science includes three aspects, including the social security phenomenon, the cause of the social order phenomenon and the countermeasure of the public order.

3. Research Methods

1)Social survey method

2)Content analysis

3)Historical method

4)Comparative method

5)Experimental method

6)Systematic research method

4. Main Courses

Criminal law, civil law, criminal procedure law and criminal investigation, administrative law, administrative procedure law, security management fundamentals, investigating and dealing with public order cases, administrative penalties for public security, traffic management, fire management, access exit of foreign affairs, defense science, criminal photography, traces of the inspection, document examination, sniffer tactics and combat skills, shooting, driving a car, household, security technology, public security science basic theory.

5. Training Objectives

The program trains senior specialized personnel with strict organizational discipline idea, good professional ethics, promising to maintain national security and social stability and dedicated spirit, familiar with the work of public security line, principles and policies and the management of public security laws and regulations; system to master the science of public security of the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, in the departments of public security, frontier defense, national security in public security management, entry and exit management, traffic management, security, prevention and control of crime and science of public security teaching, scientific research and other aspects work.

6. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the science of public security, administrative law, the administrative management science, security technology, investigation and other aspects of the basic theory and basic knowledge, accept public security administrative law enforcement and crime prevention and other aspects of the basic training of management of social security, prevention disposal cases of public security, security incidents and security disasters, basic ability in guiding and supervising the business units of the internal public security work.

7. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of law and order, administrative law, administrative management, security guard technology, investigation and so on;

2) Public security management methods and safety precautions;

3) with the management of large and medium cities in social security, the handling of the initial capacity of a variety of security issues;

4) familiar with the public security work and social security work of the principles, policies and regulations;

5) Master communication, driving, shooting, self arrest skills, physical quality meet the prescribed standards;

6) Master the basic methods of public security research, has certain teaching, scientific research and practical work ability.

8. Practical Teaching

Investigation, practice and internship, students in the public security organs practice for 6 weeks, 10 weeks of graduation internship

9. Similar Programs

Investigation, Administration

10. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly go to the public security, border defense, national security and other departments engaged in security management, entry and exit management, road traffic management, security, prevention and control of crime and the teaching of public security, scientific research and other aspects work.


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