Literature Degree Program in China - Secretarial Study

1. Introduction

Secretary is the comprehensive assistant and service provider of the leader and agent, the staff assistant of the leader, decision-maker with decision support, comprehensive coordination, communicating information, doing paper work, holding meetings, handling affairs as the main function activities. The secretarial science is the study of the work of the secretary as the research object, to study its subject and object and the relationship between subjects. It studies the generation and development of the secretarial work, function and environment, nature and function, rules and characteristics, principles and requirements, procedures and steps, method and art, institutions and personnel, and secretarial work standard, scientific and modern development trend to promote the secretarial work to meet the needs of social development.

This definition can be understood from 3 perspectives:

The basic object of the secretary's service is the leader.

The basic way to deal with the secretary's activities is to deal with information and transactions.

The basic nature of the secretary's activities is the auxiliary

Secretary Practice: the process by which the secretary is directly acting on the actual things and objects by means of a specific operation.

Secretarial science trains high-level secretary talents who can engage in enterprises and other social organizations to fully assist the leader’ work.

2. Secretary Categories

According to the belonging and the service object, secretary can be divided into two categories: public affairs secretary and private secretary.

According to the work division in the internal organization, secretary can be divided into: executive secretary, confidential secretary, life secretary, secretary of the meeting, the secretary of the text, petition secretary, public relations secretary.

According to the characteristics of the industry that the secretary works in, secretary can be divided into legal secretary, medical secretary, secretary of education, sports secretary, secretary of the military, etc.

3. Secretary Levels

At the portrait level of the secretary position, it is divided into: junior secretary, intermediate secretary and senior secretary.

Contains 4 meanings:

Reflects different auxiliary levels of different levels of the secretary from the low to high level

Reflects different workload and the corresponding proportion of different levels of secretaries

Reflects the different levels of knowledge, experience and skills of secretary in the graduation

Reflects the different levels of the secretary staff at the level and wage differences

4. Professional Characteristics

Service is direct and stable, knowledgeable and specialization, youth and women, the need for talent is urgent, the secretary is one of the representatives of the "soft talents". The secretary's career path is very long, with China's accession to the WTO, for the secretary provide a more unlimited broad space for development.

5. Job Characteristics

The secretarial work has the following characteristics compared with other work that has the auxiliary function:

Intermediary, direct, comprehensive, service, passive, hidden, confidential

6. Job Requirements

1) From simply doing the work to both do the work and give advice and suggestions;

2) From the simple transfer of information to the integrated processing of information;

3) Change from passive to active service

4) From the old experience to work with scientific management. The four transformation is actually higher requirements are put forward for secretarial staff, secretarial work should toward integrated information processing, active service and scientific management of the direction of development, and this is also in developed countries the secretarial work characteristics.

7. Six Stress

Emphasize research work

Emphasis on information work

Emphasis on the work of the petition

Emphasis on coordination

Emphasis on the work of inspectors

Emphasis on the party, the work of government services

8. Work Content

1). Assistant decision making

2). Coordination relations

3). Processing information

4). Handle affairs

9. Duties of Secretary

Secretary generally has the following 11 aspects:

Daily affairs management (office management, communication management, duty affairs, schedule management, seal management)

Reception affairs (visiting reception, arrangement of services, etc)

Meeting affairs (meeting arrangement, meeting arrangement, meeting service, meeting document processing, etc)

Administrative affairs

Complaint letters and visits (letters from the masses, visitors or customers' complaints, etc.)

Investigation and Research (to collect information; provide a feasible solution for the leadership to choose)

Documents and archives Affairs (document writing, production, processing, and file management)

Writing business (writing in a variety of styles)

Coordination of work (policy, work, area, Department, interpersonal relationship, etc)

Inspectors work (supervises and inspect the implementation of the work assigned by the leadership)

Other temporary tasks assigned by the leadership

10. Psychological Qualities

Fortitude, easy-going, strain, balance

11. Training Requirements

Secretary requires students to master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of the secretary; with considerable policy, theoretical level, with considerable auxiliary decision-making research, information processing and coordination and public relations.

12. Knowledge Ability

1). Master the basic theories of language and literature;

2). Master the basic knowledge and relevant knowledge of secretarial science;

3). with literature training and appreciation ability and strong writing ability;

4). Understand the principles, policies and regulations of language and literature;

5). Understand the frontiers of the discipline and the prospects for development;

6). Able to read classical literature, master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query, with a certain scientific research and practical work ability.

13. Main Courses

Theory Teaching

Secretarial science conspectus, secretarial practice, planning basis, basic modern Chinese, Mandarin, Secretary of public relations and the etiquette, in secretary document management, management science principle, Secretary General of the history, the Chinese and foreign secretary comparison, case of secretary work, secretarial training, selected works of ancient Chinese literature, selected works of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, selected works of foreign literature, document management and information management Secretary Writing, writing foundation, practical writing, official document writing, public relations practice etc., logic, eloquence training, calligraphy, the civil service system, administrative law and so on.

Practice Teaching

Including teaching practice, thesis writing, etc


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