Business Degree Program in China - Securities and Futures

1. Introduction

Securities and Futures is a program under finance and economics.

2. Practice Teaching

Financial science, western economics, money and banking, shares of economic fundamentals, assets evaluation, international finance, securities introduction to economics, financial market introduction, securities law, practice of securities investment, securities investment information system application, the futures trading practices, futures regulations, joint-stock transformation, security technology analysis of training and futures investment simulation practice, investigation and study, graduation thesis, etc.

3. Training Objectives

The program trains comprehensive application-oriented talents with a higher level of investment management. The discipline requirements students mainly to study the basic theory of financial, securities, futures and financial, grasp the securities, futures, trading of foreign exchange in the market planning and methods, with the ability of being engaged in the practical work of securities investment consulting, business, management, foreign investment and futures trading.

4. Knowledge Abilities

Securities, futures management and practice operational skills

5. Main Courses

Securities issuance and underwriting, securities investment, securities broker practice, foreign exchange trading practices, analysis of futures and options trading, securities investment, invest in derivative tools, fund management, corporate finance, financial marketing, securities and futures investment in information systems, security technology analysis training, futures investment simulation training, foreign exchange simulation training course. This professional must obtain the occupation qualification certificate: Certificate of securities and futures qualification certificate. Students can choose to participate in the occupation qualification certificate examinations: accounting qualification certificate, assistant economist.

6. Employment Prospects

The securities companies and the business departments engaged in securities brokerage, customer management, etc.; the futures company and its business department engaged in futures brokerage, customer management, enterprises of all types of securities investment department engaged in securities and futures investment, management and consulting, etc.; fund management department of various types of investment companies engaged in Securities and futures investment, management work; domestic and foreign natural person investors in securities and futures investment advisor, broker, etc.


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