Shenyang University

Why Study at Shenyang University, China

Shenyang University (SYU) is a public comprehensive university, is located in the center of the northeast China's first big city – Shenyang. History of the university can be traced back to “Fengtian Industry School” and “Xinmin Public School” established in 1906. Throughout the long history, the university has been adhering to the motto of “academic study, social commitment, complete sincerity and diligence” and the philosophy of “scientific, democratic and open education”. It obtained the right to grant master’s degree in 2003, received an “A” in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching of the Ministry of Education in 2007, and became part of “Doctorate Personnel Cultivation Program for Serving Special Purposes in China” in 2012. With continuous growth of education power, the university has become a comprehensive institution of postgraduate and doctorate education, with undergraduate education as its main part.

(1) History

History of the university can be traced back to “Fengtian Industry School” and “Xinmin Public School” established in 1906. In 1978, the university was renamed as Xin Min Normal University. In January 1979, Xin Min Normal University merges with Shenyang Normal University into Shenyang College. In 1987, Shenyang Institute of Finance and economics incorporated into the Shenyang University, and School of finance of Shenyang University was established. In 1995, Shenyang Industrial College incorporated into the Shenyang University. In 2005, Xinmin normal college incorporated into the Shenyang University.

(2) Discipline and programs

Shenyang University offers a complete range of subjects, covering 11 disciplinary areas, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, technology, agriculture, management, and arts, etc. The university has 19 teaching departments with 67 majors of undergraduate education covering 11 disciplines of philosophy, economy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art. Shenyang University has 97 Master Degree Programs, 1 Doctoral Programs, and 1 post-doctorate scientific research station. There are 23600 full-time students including 23000 undergraduate students, 600 postgraduate students and there are over 548 international students studying at Shenyang University. 

(3) Academic facilities and scientific research

Shenyang University has 1266 teachers, including more than 200 professors and 585 associate professors. The campus covers an area of 570 thousand m2, with a building area of 450 thousand m2. The university library has more than 1.6 million books, with more than 300 thousand e-books. The instruments for teaching and scientific research are worth 120 million Yuan in total. Shenyang University has 1 key lab of the Ministry of Education, 6 provincial-level key labs, 3 provincial-level engineering centers, 2 provincial-level key educational scientific planning research bases, 1 post-doctorate scientific research center, and 1 municipal-level high-end personnel reserve base of Shenyang. In 2012, key lab of polluted environment management and regional ecological safety became part of the key technological platforms of universities in Liaoning Province.

(4) Great achievements

Shenyang University has undertaken 755 national-level and provincial-level scientific programs since the beginning of the 11thFive Year Plan, including 42 ones of 973 Programs, 863 Program, National Natural Science Fund, and National Social Science Fund. It also boasts many programs belonging to National Key Technology Supporting Program, National International Technological Cooperation Program and National Key Scientific Specific Program. Teachers of the university have published more than 700 SCI, EI, CSSCI and ISTP articles, with a scientific research income of 159.2 million Yuan.

(5) Communication and international cooperation

Shenyang University has been communicating and cooperating with many universities overseas throughout its history. Shenyang University has cooperative relations with more than 60 foreign universities and educational institutions from more than 20 countries and regions, such as United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and etc. At present, there are more than 548 international students learning at Shenyang University coming from more than 40 countries including Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Uganda, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico and so on.


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