Sichuan International Studies University

Canteens in Sichuan International Studies University, China

The food culture of Chongqing has a long history. And Sichuan dish enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad, especially Chongqing Hotpot. With its distinct features, Chongqing Hotpot looks good, smells better and tastes the best, making people refreshing and spicy. 

Food and Beverage on campus

In order to meet different tastes of teachers and students and make things convenient for the teachers and students’ dining, our university has set up canteens for both teachers and students, with high-quality dish, more varieties, good taste, reasonable price and excellent dining surroundings. There are so many restaurants beside East Canteen, such as Islamic Restaurant of the Great Northwest, Delicious Food, Maile Chicken, which can provide different kinds of services, including stir-fry dish and take-out food. There is Dongyuan Restaurant beside Foreign Students Apartment. It mainly provides food of foreigners’ taste, which is deeply popular and loved among foreign students and foreign teachers. On West Campus up the mountain, there is West Canteen on the first floor, second floor and negative first floor of Jinxiu Building, with Islamic Window and Bargain Price Window.

Foreign students can apply for IC Card for Canteens when registering. This IC Card can be used in all canteens and supermarkets of the whole university. If the IC Card gets lost carelessly, go to the Dietary Center (beside the main entrance of the second canteen on East Campus) or Service Center of campus card (the first floor of Teaching Building-A on West Campus) and handle the loss of card and reapplication procedures. When you use up the money in the card, you can pay money at Dietary Center Window and renew your card. There is also a window for paying money and renewing card at the canteen activity center on West Campus.

Besides, every room of foreign students’ dormitory is equipped with small kitchen, making it is convenient to cook themselves.

Coffee House

There are three coffee houses in the university, located at Gele Coffee House on the fifth floor of library on West Campus, Liberty Coffee on the second floor of Alliance Francaise on East Campus and the Coffee House on the second floor of International Building respectively.  

Food and Beverage off-campus

Outside the campus, there’re Lieshimu Business Area, Sanxia Square Business Area and Ciqikou Business Area, with so many Chinese food, Western food, tea houses, snack bars and bars. With convenient transportation, students can choose any one for themselves.



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