Sichuan International Studies University

Scholarships in Sichuan International Studies University, China for International Student

Chongqing Mayor Scholarship

According to the relevant documents of Chongqing Education Commission, related matters of Sichuan International Studies University Mayor Scholarship are as follows:

1. Admission Categories and Period of Schooling

Admission categories of Mayor Scholarship are undergraduates and postgraduates. The former’s period of schooling is four years, and the latter’s is two or three years.

2. Qualifications of Applicants

(1). Non-Chinese citizen in good health

(2). Applicants’ educational background and age limit:

--Applicants for undergraduate course must have completed their high school education and be under the age of 25.

--Applicants for postgraduate course must have received their Bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.

(3). Applicants have obtained no other scholarship.

3. Application Documents

(1). Application Form

(2). Scan copies of the highest education certificate, graduation certificate and degree diploma (Such documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be notarized).

(3). Applicants undergraduate course must offer academic record in high school; Applicants for postgraduate course must offer academic record in undergraduate period. (Such documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be notarized).

(4). Study and research plan (no less than 800 words), written in Chinese or English.

(5). Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English signed by professors or associate professors.

(6). Scan copy of published academic papers, patents and other research results (if any).

(7). Scan copy of valid passport and passport sized photos.

(8).  Scan copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

President Scholarship for International Students

1. Eligibility 

(1) The applicant should have studied in Sichuan International Studies University for over one semester. 

(2). The applicant must abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government and the rules and regulations of Sichuan International Studies University. 

(3). The applicant must be of non-Chinese citizenship and in good health 

(4). The applicant must be 18 to 50 years old. 

(5). The applicant should attain excellence in academics and behavior. 

(6). The applicant is not sponsored by any other kind of scholarship. 

2. Application Materials   

The applicant shall submit Application Form and the transcripts of last semester. 



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