Sociology Degree Program in China - Social Statistics


Social Statistics focuses on the application of statistics in social studies, combines the statistical analysis with the sociological research. The concern of social statistics is: what kind of statistical method is most suitable to be used in a social research situation, how to calculate the statistical method, and what is the significance of the statistical value. Commonly used software is SPSS.

The nature of social statistics is the application of statistics branch, systematic collection, collation, analysis, human behavior in the social environment of data presentation, data show help individuals, groups, companies or governments inferences about the situation in the future, and make appropriate decisions. By using the random sampling method, the researchers can find the regularity of the data, which can be used to find the regularity of the data. Because the research object of the social statistics is the human society, often takes the individual as the analysis unit; therefore, in the measurement scale, the data of the nominal scale and the ordinal scale is valued, but not only in the. In addition, the "human" has a subjective sense, and it is easy to affect the questionnaire to fill in and recycling, and even analysis. The reliability and validity of the social statistics is the most important issue.


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