Sociology Degree Program in China - Sociology

1. Introduction

Sociology is a subject that studies social facts (objective facts: social behavior, social structure, social problems; subjective facts: humanity, sociology psychology) with multiple paradigm, a modern discipline evolves from the social philosophy. Sociology is a subject with multiple research methods, main including quantitative method of scientific positivism and humanistic understanding. They oppose each other, connect with each other and development and improve the knowledge system of a set of human social structure and activities, and use this knowledge to seek or improve social welfare as the main objective. Sociological research range widely, including by the subject of micro level social action or interpersonal interaction, to macro level social system or structure. Therefore, sociology usually with political economics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, history etc. tied under the domain of the social sciences.

Sociology has a considerable universality in the research theme and research method, the traditional research object includes social stratification, social class, social mobility, social and religious, legal, social deviant behavior, and take the model include qualitative and quantitative research methods. Due to all areas of human activity is by under the influence of social structure, individual institutions are formed, so with the development of society, sociology to further expand its focus to other related subjects, such as medical, military or criminal system, Internet and so on. On the other hand, the scope of the social science method is more and more extensive.

Sociology program cultivates senior specialized personnel with a comprehensive theoretical knowledge of sociology and skilled social survey skills. In education, scientific research institutions, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, social organizations engaged in social research and survey work. The program also trains senior talents with policy research and evaluation, social planning and management, development research and forecasting and other work.

2. Research Methods

There are two main types of social research: qualitative research and quantitative research. A variety of methods will be used to collect empirical evidence, including questionnaires, interviews, participant observation and statistical research. The study of historical sociology is a qualitative social research method.

3. Research Tools

Under the guidance of a certain methodology, social research is a process of collecting data and analyzing data in an appropriate way. It is a kind of scientific practice, which must have some tools and techniques to use them. Language is the most basic tool. Other tools can be classified into two categories: a document tool, such as the questionnaire, statistics and statistical analysis and so on, one is equipment tools, namely to collect, storage and analysis of data in a variety of material equipment, such as computers. Technology (including statistical techniques) used in these devices is also an essential condition for social research.

4. Subject Relationship

Sociology and Mathematics

Between sociology

5. Research Topics

Group organization: family, community, village, town, city, tribal, ethnic group, culture 

Social system: kinship, marriage, economy, politics, law, religion, education, culture and sport

Social process: cooperation, competition, war, reform, revolution, social public opinion, social values, social integration

Social problems: employment, ethnic division, crime, environmental pollution, environmental pollution, population migration, racial discrimination, violence, poverty

6. Main school of thought

Social academic year

Chicago school

Frankfurt school

Historical sociology

Social statistics school

7. Program Theory

Main theory

Structural function theory, symbolic interaction theory, social conflict theory, social exchange theory, critical theory

Other theories

Social organism theory, social development theory, social justice theory, social evolution theory, social equilibrium theory, social cognitive theory, social learning theory, social control theory, postmodern theory, feminist theory and so on

8. Branch Field

Social stratification (or stratification sociology), applied sociology, comparative sociology; social geography, culture sociology, economics sociology

9. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of the theory sociology and applied sociology; receive the basic training in social research and social investigation skills and with the basic ability to express, theoretical analysis, empirical investigation.

10. Knowledge and Skills

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1). Master the basic theory and knowledge of sociology, and be familiar with the main schools and theories of sociology;

2). Good command of sociological survey methods and skills, and social statistical methods:

3). Good at analyzing all kinds of social phenomena and problems, with a preliminary scientific research ability and a strong thesis writing and language expression ability; 

4). Understand the government's major policies, policies, laws and regulations, to understand the important events and their development;

5). Understand the frontier theory of modern sociology and the new development in the important research field;

6). Master the literature search, data query, the basic methods and means.

11. Main Subjects

Sociology, law

12. Main Courses

Introduction to sociology, social research methods, social psychology, social thought history, classical and modern sociology theory, social statistics and computer application, Chinese society, etc.

13. Practice Teaching

Classroom discussion, field visits, social survey, professional teaching practice, the general arrangements for 10-12 weeks.

14. Employment Prospect

Graduates can be engaged in the education, scientific research institutions, government agencies, news publishing, business units, social organizations for social research and survey, policy research and evaluation, social planning and management, development research and prediction.


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