South China Normal University-Guangzhou

Canteens in South China Normal University(Guangzhou)

Today, South China Normal University-Guangzhou has 6 modern dining halls such as Tao Yuan canteen, Yong Yuan canteen, Qin Yuan canteen, Han Yuan canteen, Nan Yuan canteen and specialty restaurant offered to students. Those canteens provide verity of food which is inexpensive and of high quality, and even alumni of past years miss them so much.

International students will be given a dining card (E-card) for campus consumption. This card can be used to consume in canteens of both the main campus. E-card is also applicable in supermarkets, bakery and private restaurants on campus. Put the E-card close to the POS for the consumption. When the money in the card is running up, you can recharge it at the Service Center.



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