South China Normal University-Guangzhou

Overseas Students at South China Normal University(Guangzhou)

Since 1988, South China Normal University-Guangzhou began to recruit international students. More than 10000 students from 80 countries and regions were enrolled and some of them got their degrees at South China Normal University so far. 

Under the guidance of the standing committees of both IBC and South China Normal University and with the ideology of cultivating international talents in mind, student services have been offered creatively to promote international students’ growth, development and success. 

To build a healthy style of learning, South China Normal University often invites professors at home and abroad as well as renowned experts in China to give our students lectures on how to enhance their holistic literacy, not only bringing them the cutting edge information in a subject, but also widening their field of vision. Meanwhile, South China Normal University organizes various popular academic functions, like extracurricular scientific research contests, survey contests, debates and speaking contests, to deepen students’ knowledge in their specialized fields. 

As for the construction of student societies and the implementation of student activities, South China Normal University works on the management of league branches, grade committees and student societies, and spares no effort to host events like “The Cultural Festival”, “My University Dream Speaking Contest”, which enriches the campus life and develops students’ abilities in innovation, venturing, learning and organizing.



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