Southwest University

Accommodation in Southwest University, China

Students’ dormitory in International College is on the 4th to 10th floors of Ziyun Building. Both Single and Double rooms are air-conditioned and have access to phone, TV, Internet, hot water, refrigerator and private toilet. And each floor in Ziyun Building is equipped with a public kitchen and washing machines. Besides, the gym beside the lobby is open to all foreign students here. On the campus there are banks where the traveler‘s checks can be cashed and credit cards such as VISA, MASTER, JCB can be used. The post-office in the shopping center on campus can handle international postal service.

Self-sponsored students can live off campus after applying to Foreign Students’ Office. And students can search for apartments by themselves or with the help of the staff in International College, which, however, must be identified by the Foreign Students’ Office and reported to related police station. And the copy of rental contract must be handed to Foreign Students’ Office afterwards. The cost is to be negotiated by the students with the landlords or landladies.



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