Southwest University

Overseas Students at Southwest University, China

Southwest University offers programs instructed in English of Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Doctoral Degree to international students. Now over 1,400 international students from over 70 countries and regions are studying at Southwest University.

International College holds various activities each year, like International Culture Festival, Chinese Star Competition, Chinese Talent Competition, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Party, Songkran Festival etc., in hope of enriching international students’ life, providing them with achievement or talent show platform, foster their mutual exchanges and understanding.

For cosy learning and living, International College is equipped with modern teaching and convenient living facilities, like digitalized audio-visual classrooms, multi-media/network classrooms, reading rooms, Chinese talent learning rooms, Chinese culture experiencing rooms, single-bed/double-bed rooms with individual toilets, internet access and TV sets, public kitchens and washing machines, gyms, tennis center, table tennis center.

International College is devoted to offering quality education, efficient management, comfortable learning and living environment.



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