Science Degree Program in China - Space Science and Technology

1. Introduction

Space Science and Technology program is a new cross disciplinary that develops on the basis of the cross penetration and mutual fusion of astronomy, geology, geophysics, environmental science, computer science and other interdisciplinary, including space environment and space sensor technology.

2. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate high-quality specialized talents who adapt to the needs of space industry, national defense construction, national economic and social development, with the solid bases of mathematics, physics and computer, master the basic knowledge and methods of space science, space environment and space exploration etc., with basic skills of spatial environment and detection technology, space sensor technology, with strong spirit of innovation, can be engaged in aerospace engineering, space environment, space exploration, space applications and space resources development and other adjacent areas for scientific research, talent training, engineering technology and management.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of the field of natural science foundation, the science and technology foundation and the professional and related professional, understand and grasp basic knowledge of present space science and technology, receive basic training in modern engineering and scientific and technical personnel, have the ability to analyze and solve practical problems.

4. Research Direction

The program sets two directions: space environment and space sensor technology. The former focuses on various factors of space environment, environmental factors induced effect and response technology, the latter has emphasis on space exploration technology, sensor space, space protection technology and remote sensing earth observation and application, etc.

5. Main Courses

Space exploration, introduction to earth science, introduction to remote sensing, measurement and cartography, urban and regional science, principle of operating system, data structure, crystallography and mineralogy, geology, X-ray powder diffraction analysis, modern stratigraphy, petroleum geology, structural geology, vertebrate evolutionary history, paleoceanography study and global change, space exploration and space environment simulation, seismology and earth interior physics, introduction to intelligent transportation systems, space detection information processing technology etc.

6. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics and so on;

2) Grasp the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic experimental skills of space science and technology, as well as the basic skills of the space, the space of the earth, the physical and chemical characteristics of the interplanetary space and the space environment;

3) understand the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;

4) Understand the science and technology, industrial policy, intellectual property rights and other relevant policies and regulations;

5) understand the theoretical frontier of space science and technology, its application prospect and the latest development trends;

6) Master the basic methods of information retrieval, document retrieval and the use of modern information technology to obtain relevant information;

7) With certain ability of experimental design, creating experimental conditions, induction, collation, analysis of experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

7. Similar Programs

Geophysics, earth and space sciences, computer information technology, spatial information and digital technology, remote sensing science and technology, geographic information systems, space physics, astronomy

8. Employment Prospects

Scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning, energy and resources, space and communications and state organs and other departments engaged in scientific research, teaching and senior management.


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