Sports Education Degree Program in China - Sports Events Management

1. Introduction

Sports Event Management is the core product of sports industry, and it is also an important component of sports industry, the most active and the most influential in sports industry.

2. Content and Theory

Sports Event Management mainly explores the basic theories of sports events covering the definition, classification, influence, constituent elements, management level, basic characteristics, management concepts and project management of sports events.

Definition and Classification of Sports Events:

1) Understanding in sports events in China

2) Understanding in sports events abroad

3) Definition of concept of sports events

4) Classification of sporting events

The Impact of Sports Events on the Host City:

1) The impact of sports events on society

2) The impact of sports events on employment and tourism

3) The impact of sports events on the natural environment and information technology

Constituent Elements and Management Levels of Sports Events:

1) Constituent elements of sports events and its characteristics

2) Management level of sports events

Basic Characteristics of Sports Events:

The cultural characteristics of sports events

3. Practical Operation

Specific operational procedures and methods of sports event, covering the marketing, competition management, human resources management, financial management and risk management of sports event.


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