Education Degree Program in China - Sport Hygiene

1. Introduction

Sport Hygiene is a discipline to study the law of health care in the process of physical exercise. The main contents include: sports health; health care massage; sports therapy; sports injury prevention and treatment. In the course of the combination of physical exercise and health care, the health care science is an interdisciplinary subject which has developed gradually. It covers the basic theoretical knowledge of sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports biochemistry and other sports human science, but also involves the prevention of medicine, clinical medicine, rehabilitation medicine and other medical theoretical knowledge and skills. The main task of physical education and health is the use of basic knowledge and skills related to sports human science basic theory and clinical medicine research, the participants of sports physical development, health and sport function level, to provide a scientific basis for scientific and reasonable arrangement of sports teaching, sports training and competition, and give the medical supervision and health guidance study on the influence of sports participants; various environmental factors of physical and mental health and to develop appropriate physical health measures; the law of occurrence and development of common sports injuries and prevention measures; sports rehabilitation means and methods of injury, promote physical and mental health and exercise ability of sports participants to improve.

2. Research Content

1) Sports health

2) Medical supervision

3) Motion sickness

4) Sports injury prevention

5) Sports rehabilitation

3. Research Purposes

To promote the physical development of sports participants, improve their health, improve the level of physical training, so as to continuously improve the teaching and training of physical education, improve the level of sports technology to create conditions.

4. Main Tasks

1), physical examination on the participants in sports activities

2), carry out medical surveillance to the sports teaching, the organizing and method of the training, carry out the scientific appraisal to whether teaching training method is correct, the movement quantity whether is suitable

3), prevention and treatment of injuries

4), carry out safety and health inspection on the sports venues and equipment

5), carry out health propaganda work


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