Law Degree Program in China - Sport Law

1. Introduction

Science of Sport Law is a comprehensive cross discipline that reveals the inherent laws of development of sports law and social phenomenon and the sports laws regulations and their internal mechanism, an interdisciplinary subject between law sciences and sports social science. It belongs to the branch of law theory system, and it also holds the very important status in the sports humanities and social sciences.

2. Research Objects

It mainly studies the nature, form, characteristics and functions of sports law; studies the generation, development and disappearance rules of sports law and; studies the relationship between sports law and other social phenomenon; studies formulating sports laws and regulations, implementation of sports law and the construction of sports legal relationship, and use sports law to serve the society.

3. Significance of Research

Firstly, it is conducive to perfecting the construction of sports legal system;

Secondly, it is conducive to promoting the development of sports career;

Thirdly, it is conducive to strengthening the discipline construction of sports law.


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