Sports Education Degree Program in China - Sport Administration

1. Introduction

Sports management is the manager in sports organizations. It is a kind of activity processing to achieve target objective by organizing, leading and controlling functions of the sport management object, by coordinating activities of others and by playing the role of various resources. Sports management is one of the disciplines of sports science. It is a kind of discipline by using management theory and methods to study the coordination of sports organizations in order to achieve the objectives of the scheduled sport. As the management system mainly composing of managers, managed objects and management means, so its research objects include managers, managed person, property, time, and information and management forms and methods. Main content includes the basic principles of sports management, the development history of sports management, the system of sports management, the function of sports management, the process and method of sports management, the management forms and methods. In practice, sports managers often use areas classification methods, namely, school sports management, competitive sports management, mass sports management. The main research methods include observation, investigation, experiment, comparison, analysis and case studies.

2. Training Objectives

Specialized personnel can be trained by studying Sports management program. These personnel can engaged in administration and management work in sports and related fields.

3. Training Requirements

The students systematically master basic theory and knowledge of management, economics, sports industry management, law, modern sports organization and enterprise management. The students can adapt to the development of sports industry at home and abroad and master Practical Operation Technology in modern sports organization and enterprise management with strong ability to develop and innovate.

4. Main Courses

Management Principles, Management Psychology, Management Economics, Public Relations, Public Property, Management Quantitative Analysis, Applied Statistics, Management Information System, Management Secretarial, Economic Mathematics, Computer Language, Operations Research, Human Resource Development and Management, Olympic Movement, Sports Industry Introduction, Sports Enterprise Strategic Management, Sports Industry Economics, Operation Management, Principles of Accounting, Corporate Finance Management, Marketing, Sports Venues Management, Sports Event operation and Management, Club Management, Sports Brokers, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Risk Management

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in all kinds of sports enterprises, professional sports clubs, fitness clubs, sports intermediary companies, sports management centers, sports institutions, and institutions of higher learning.


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